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Project Challenge.

Visiture began PPC management for a seller of allergy relief products, When asked about their experience with PPC, the client replied, “PPC has gotten more expensive and less effective… We don’t feel like PPC is a money maker for us.” Their goals were clear: “Branding is important, but increasing sales while maintaining profitability is by far the most important goal.”

Visiture was tasked with not only increasing sales, but also reassuring the new client that PPC advertising was profitable and important.

Achoo Allergy

Results Achieved.

Increase Sales (YOY)


Increased Revenue (YOY)


Improved Return on Ad Spend


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Our Tactics & Goals.

Return On Ad Spend
With profitability as the #1 goal for Achoo Allergy, establishing a return on ad spend (ROAS) goal was paramount in guiding Visiture’s optimizations. Profit margin analyses were conducted, and an overall, profitable ROAS was set.

Since management commenced, the account’s return on ad spend goal has been surpassed, and the team continues to increase spend and conversion volume while maintaining profitability.

  • YOY ROAS: +79.32%

Account Restructure.

When Visiture took over PPC management for Achoo Allergy, we referred to our agency’s best practices to create a new account structure.
We believe in utilizing all of Google’s match types and bidding appropriately to control campaign budgets.

We streamlined bid settings and location targeting and also made mobile bid adjustments across the board.

Dynamic remarketing and standard remarketing campaigns were created. Dynamic remarketing allowed us to re-target shoppers who had previously viewed products on, serving them image ads displaying the specific products they had viewed while on-site.

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Display campaigns were paused, and a new Google Shopping campaign was strategically structured and launched.

Old campaigns were mined and analyzed to ensure that historical data and keywords were not forgotten. Search query reports gave insight to new keywords and ad groups.

Finally, we made sure that all priority brands and models had keyword coverage so that landing page relevance was guaranteed for potential customers.

Shopping Feed Optimization.

In the past few years, Google Shopping has become a major revenue and conversion generator for the majority of our clients. Feed optimization lays the groundwork for Shopping/PLA campaigns, and the Achoo Allergy feed required detailed back-end work prior to launch.

The Visiture team optimized product data and ensured that all required attributes were represented and Google product categories were appropriately classified to all products within the feed. Through ongoing optimization, the team ensured the best-selling and most profitable products gained maximum exposure within Product Listing Ads.

The return on ad spend within the shopping campaigns remained considerably above the client’s goal, while the Visiture team was able to exponentially increase sales and revenue volume.

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Shopping Campaign YOY Spend


Shopping Campaign YOY Conversions


Shopping Campaign YOY Revenue


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Mobile Strategy.

Prior to Visiture’s management, mobile bid adjustments in the Achoo Allergy account were not properly aligned in accordance with mobile performance.

Spend distribution among devices was not ideal as 88% of the top-spending campaign’s dollars were going to mobile searches. With return on ad spend goals in mind, adjustments were made to each campaign to better appropriate mobile spend.

Year over year, Visiture was able to reduce the account’s mobile cost by 52.25%, increase mobile conversions by 193.1%, increase mobile revenue by 120.86%, and improve return on ad spend by 362.91%.

Overall Performance Results.

With the combination of account restructure, shopping optimization, and mobile strategy, aligned with a concrete ROAS goal, Visiture was able to create a drastic improvement for Achoo Allergy’s PPC profitability year over year.

The team surpassed all goals and expectations, proving the value of PPC advertising to the client. Achoo Allergy’s decision to increase PPC budgets for 2016 was representative of their confidence in the program.

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YOY Spend


YOY Conversions


YOY Revenue


YOY Conversion Rate


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