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“Everything Magento 2.0 with Matt MacDougall at Rocket Web”


1. First off, I would love to have a brief overview of Rocket Web and you.

I started Rocket Web in January 2010 in the Chicagoland area, with a focus on Magento. We are a full-service digital commerce agency, and we are one of the only partners that has been 100% Magento-focused since the early days of the platform. Our single focus on Magento continues to be a high priority for what merchants are looking for.


2. I am sure you guys have been working diligently with Magento 2.0. What do you think is the best feature or aspect(s) of Magento 2.0 so far?

I think the modernization of the platform is, by far, the best aspect of Magento 2.0. It is a large shift, and, in many ways, it is now a completely different product. Magento 2.0 is a foundation that will make it easier to scale in an organized and secure manner.


3. If a merchant is on the old Magento but scared to move … when is a good time for them to make the switch? 

About a third of our clients are doing their upgrades to Magento 2.0 this year. Most of these are also taking the opportunity to give their site a re-design. If a merchant recently launched on Magento 1.0 with a new frontend design, then I would suggest riding that site out until Q4 2018 when Magento Inc. will stop supporting the Magento 1.0 version. We certainly see 2018 as the big migration year from Magento 1.0 to Magento 2.0 In general, we recommend merchants start the upgrade by Q4 2017 and confirm availability with development partners ASAP.



4.  Should Merchants be worried about finding development partners or resources for Magento 2.0?

I would certainly encourage anyone on Magento 1.0 to start planning for their Magento 2.0 migration now. We see the Magento development community continuing to grow. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if the development community becomes overwhelmed with the upgrade requests, especially as we get months away from Magento 1.0 no longer being supported. I tend to procrastinate sometimes, myself, but this is one thing that I would not procrastinate on.


5. What do you see as the future for Magento 2.0? Are there any things you might know that no one else knows about Magento 2.0?

What everyone has seen and expected the last 9+ years with Magento 1.0 is a good indicator of what the next 5+ years will offer with Magento 2. The platform, the flexibility, the community, the tech partners; it’s changed a bit, as with any technology platform, but, overall, everyone should know what to expect. That is rare for any one platform to say, over a period of a decade, and it should be considered a big benefit. In the last 18 months, Magento got back to its core focus and private ownership, and we expect the coming years to result in a product everyone can use for the future.


6. Last, but not least, will we see you at Imagine this year?

You betcha.



Once again, big thanks to Matt for sitting down with us and answering our questions! To learn more about Matt and Rocket Web. check out their website! 

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