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“Alisa Bowman's Tips for Increasing Comments on Your Blog”


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We know that blogging is becoming a more integral part of search engine marketing (as seen in our post here), but many businesses struggle not with traffic, but generating comments on the blog in order to keep it relevant and fresh.  I found this great article by Alisa Bowman posted on and thought it to be helpful.  Here are a few of her tips for generating more comments on a blog:

1) Giveaways encourage people to comment right away.  You will get a lot of comments (that is, if you have followers), naturally, because people love freebies.  Alisa instituted a “Reader of the Month” giveaway, which she tracked with the My Top Commentators widget.

2) Discuss relevant topics to your readers.  This might seem simple but you need to stick to your business’s specific niche on your blog.  If you jump from topic-to-topic, it will inhibit comments.

3) Pose questions within your post and in bold letters at the end of posts.  This will engage readers and they will be able to share their similar experiences.

4) Don’t be afraid to expose weakness or struggle.  It is easy for people to relate and they may also be inclined to offer insight or advice.

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