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Enterprise-Grade Resources Will Significantly Benefit Mid-Market Clients

Visiture, an advanced digital performance eCommerce marketing agency, has been acquired by Wpromote, an industry-leading performance marketing agency. Wpromote’s exciting acquisition of Visiture opens the opportunity for two industry-leading agencies to take performance-based marketing to the next level, together. With the recent acceleration of eCommerce in the past year, Wpromote and Visiture are poised to deliver clients with improved results and greater service offerings. 

For clients currently working with Visiture, Wpromote’s access to digital intelligence and technology development will enable their growth opportunities as eCommerce continues to surge both now and in the future. In turn, Wpromote’s clients will reap the benefits of Visiture’s leadership position with Progressive Web Apps (PWA) and Headless architecture capabilities with Adobe Commerce, BigCommerce, and Shopify Plus. Together, this diverse combination of service offerings and expertise will serve our individual clients’ best interests for eCommerce expansion. 

Consequently, Visiture and Wpromote’s dedication to their respective work cultures laid the groundwork for this acquisition. Visiture’s CEO and co-founder, Brian Cohen, noted that “this acquisition is really about our people and the depth of talent we have on the Visiture team. We realized we would be able to do even more for our clients by joining Wpromote because they would have access to more resources and a wider variety of channel expertise, while our employees would have more opportunities to grow and develop as part of a larger organization.”

After the recent surge in digital marketing due to COVID-19, brands who elect to take advantage of today’s eCommerce opportunities will be well-adapted for the future. For Wpromote and Visiture, forward-thinking is a major building block of our respective cultures. Working as a collective, this progressive mindset opens the door to offer our clients a diverse portfolio of expert information.

Wpromote and Visiture are committed to bringing best-of-breed eCommerce development, system integration, and advanced performance marketing services to brands, retailers, manufacturers, and distributors in both B2B and B2C.

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