Top 30 eCommerce Landing Page Ideas and Tips: Examples that Increase Conversion Rates

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Creating a dedicated eCommerce landing page that converts requires a fair bit of skill and knowledge. Unfortunately, these destinations are one of the most neglected site elements in all of online retail.

Given that an eCommerce landing page is often a consumer’s first encounter with a brand, it is vital to reel them in and provide a positive experience.

To help retailers meet that goal, here are our top 30 eCommerce landing page tips, tricks and ideas for increasing retail conversion rates.

Write Better Headlines

The headline is the first thing a visitor sees after landing on a page. Therefore, learning to write great landing page headlines is a vital skill.

holiday gift guide landing page

Headlines should simultaneously pique curiosity and speak to the intent, pain point, problem or desire that drove the click in the first place.

The point here is to let users know they are in the right place and get them to continue scrolling.

Employ High-Quality Images

Imagery is essential in today’s online landscape. Given its importance, retailers must utilize stunning product images that sell if they want their eCommerce landing pages to convert.

Including vibrant images that show off a product’s details is key to convincing consumers to convert.

white tassel earrings

(Earrings from Mint Julep)

Keep Landing Pages Focused

Landing pages are different than most eCommerce destinations as they should focus on a single offer, using all the on-page elements to drive a conversion.

50 and under products

When an eCommerce landing page provides a variety of offers, it comes off as scattered, confusing and can result in the paradox of choice, an argument which states that when consumers are presented to a variety of options, they are more likely not to make any decision.

Therefore, ensure that an eCommerce landing page serves a singular purpose to maximize conversions.

Eliminate Navigation Elements

Part of keeping eCommerce landing pages focused means providing only a single pathway forward. Therefore, retailers should eliminate all navigational elements (aside from CTAs) from these destinations so that visitors stay confined to the offer on the page.

Optimize Above the Fold

The real estate above the fold is arguably the most crucial section of a landing page. In fact, eye-tracking research shows that users spend 80 percent of their time analyzing information above the fold.

Therefore, retailers will want to include as much content here as possible without cluttering the area.

Use a Bulleted List to Highlight Benefits

When looking at a potential purchase, people want to know what they are getting out of the deal. In today’s fast-paced society, businesses better deliver that information quickly if they want consumers to consider their products.

While people having shorter attention spans than goldfish makes for a compelling headline, it’s ultimately a myth. That said, people often do not have much patience for ancillary information.

refrigiwear product feature

Therefore, retailers should build out a bulleted list of benefits that customers will receive from a product, thereby putting what they want to know in an easily accessible and digestible format.

Place this list close to the top of an eCommerce landing page so that consumers won’t have to dig for the information, giving them the opportunity to abandon the page.

Create a Clear CTA

Where landing pages are concerned, consumers must be guided toward their next step. Therefore, it is imperative to craft a call-to-action that is compelling, clear, specific and excites the visitor.

refrigiwear home page slide

For those that have a hard time pinning down how to draft a CTA that meets these standards, it might be helpful to check out some examples of CTAs that increase conversions.

Place CTAs Throughout the Landing Page

If merchants are going to take the time to generate an irresistible CTA, they should get the most out of its deployment.

Assuming that the landing page is long enough for consumers to scroll through its contents, it is essential to ensure that a CTA is always accessible so that visitors can take the next step. This means that these should be placed above the fold as well as throughout the landing page.

Contrast CTA Buttons

The CTA is the key to earning a conversion. Therefore, it should stand out from the rest of the page.

Contrast CTA Buttons

Not only will contrasting colors help to highlight CTA buttons, but it will also aid mobile visitors to move on to the next step more efficiently.

Additionally, understanding color psychology in marketing can help sellers to enhance their eCommerce landing page conversion rates.

Grammar and Spelling Are Essential

If a landing page features grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, prepare for bounce rates to skyrocket.

As is reported by Agility PR Solutions on website grammar and spelling errors:

“[An] analysis of more than 5,000 site visits over a two-week period showed that the bounce rate. . . on landing pages with sloppy spelling and grammar was 85 percent more than those that were correctly written and spell-checked.”

In a world where spellcheck and Grammarly exist, there is no excuse for such silly mistakes.

Tackle Every Conceivable Objection

Consumers want the best bang for the buck. Therefore, they will be looking for holes in a brand’s value proposition.

For this reason, retailers should address potential objections in their copy, helping to convince visitors to convert.

Some common challenges include:

  • Is the item trustworthy?
  • What if the customer doesn’t like the product?
  • How much does the item cost?
  • What is the shipping time frame?
  • What forms of payment are accepted?

All these questions can be addressed easily by listing payment option logos, shipping info, pricing, return policies and similar elements.

Instill Confidence

Social proof is a must when it comes to eCommerce conversion rate optimization.

Given that most customers trust online reviews and that leveraging product reviews to increase sales is a common and fruitful tactic, retailers should employ this element on their eCommerce landing pages.

reviews snapshot

By highlighting reviews from real customers, sellers can build the confidence necessary to get new shoppers to convert.

Moreover, retailers should also include various security icons to show that their site cares about protecting their user’s personal information. Backing this idea is a GlobalSign study which revealed that nine out of 10 consumers are more likely to trust a site that showcases security badges.

More trust equals more conversions.

Don’t Clutter Landing Pages

If there is one thing that inspires bounces on landing pages, it’s a design that looks like a website from 1999.

Dont Clutter Landing Pagers

By de-cluttering an eCommerce landing page and utilizing a streamlined design, consumers will be able to analyze a brand’s offer and click the CTA more quickly, thereby reducing friction.

Distractions are the enemy of obtaining better eCommerce landing page results.

However, a landing page shouldn’t just be free of clutter, but it should use white space effectively.

White Space is a Good Thing

While this might seem like the same thing as keeping eCommerce landing pages free from clutter, it is actually a tactic unto itself.

ames walker crew socks

The strategic use of white space has a variety of benefits, including:

  • Additional interactions
  • Heightened content readability
  • A well-balanced design
  • Separation of elements
  • Highlights CTAs

Optimize for Consumer Motivation

While there are a lot of tips and tactics for how to optimize eCommerce landing page functionality and layout, there is far less talk about how to optimize a page to motivate consumers.

Ultimately, all visitors are attempting to achieve a specific outcome. Therefore, they don’t really care about the brand or the product; they care about fulfilling a want or need.

Understanding this point, merchants should utilize emotionally charged language and the word “you” to place the attention on the consumer instead of the brand.

When the emphasis is on the visitor and their desires, they are more likely to convert.

Aim for Personalized Messaging

Similar to optimizing for motivation, personalizing landing pages as much as possible is key to earning conversions.

However, since eCommerce landing pages don’t necessarily cater to an individual but a crowd, it is wise to employ language and elements that will appeal to a specific audience.

For instance, if retailers are selling orthopedic shoes, tossing around modern slang like “yeet” isn’t going to score any conversions. Given this understanding, sellers should craft landing pages to appeal to a specific identity: The one that most closely matches their target audience.

Establish Urgency

Creating urgency to increases conversions is an effective tactic for eCommerce retailers, which is precisely why sites like Amazon, Zappos and other mega online stores show low inventory indicators or potential arrival dates if ordered by a certain time.

gerber holideals special

Merchants can utilize this strategy by including a countdown timer on their eCommerce landing page or by drawing attention to a time-sensitive discount.

Extend a Discount

Discounts are a great way to hike eCommerce landing page conversions. However, retailers do not have to offer the slashed price to everyone.

By offering some sort of discount to new customers, those who order within a specific time period or those who meet a similar condition, retailers can likely elevate their number of CTA clicks.

Point Out Additional Perks

A discount doesn’t need to be the only potential perk retailers highlight.

Sellers can aid their conversion rates by offering other advantages such as a lifetime warranty, a bonus item, free shipping or the like. In fact, several years ago, Stitch Labs announced that “findings . . . indicate a potential 10 percent increase in revenue when companies provide free shipping to customers.”

Emphasizing any potential bonuses can serve to increase sales generated from an eCommerce landing page.

nike product shipping details

Optimize for Mobile

Increasingly, mobile users account for more substantial portions of online traffic. This means that a significant number of visitors will view a landing page from a mobile device.

Given this reality, sellers should ensure mobile responsiveness and include mobile landing page features that will deliver a positive small screen experience.

Stress the Importance of Speed

Improving an eCommerce site’s speed is always a crucial task. The same holds true for landing pages.

Speed is Important

Given that over half of mobile users abandon sites that take over three seconds to load, merchants should emphasize eCommerce landing page speeds by:

  • Minimizing resource-heavy elements
  • Compressing images
  • Utilize tools like PageSpeed Insights to gain optimization tips

Focus on Form Fields

Unnecessarily lengthy form fields are one of the biggest barriers that hinder conversions.

To prevent turning users away, it is important to test out different form field lengths to see which fields are necessary and which order is most conducive to conversions.

Prominently Place Product Videos

Video marketing campaigns are a big deal these days, particularly for online retailers.

Part of the reason why video is so important (outside of its massive popularity) is that video marketing statistics show that 64 percent of consumers are more likely to purchase after watching a product video.

Moreover, including video on a landing page can increase conversion by 80 percent or more.

For this reason, retailers should integrate product videos that go over the finer points of an item to help prospective buyers better understand and digest the details of a product in the most streamlined way possible.

Include a Live Chat Option

Even with product explainer videos present and detailed copy outlining all the features and benefits that consumers can receive from an item, some folks will inevitably have questions that are not addressed on the page.

In this event, sellers should provide visitors with easy access to a company representative that can help address their query or concern.

When it comes to increasing conversions, live chat is a powerful channel. Not only is live chat one of the most favored contact methods among consumers, but live chat statistics show that this contact method can increase conversions by up to 40 percent.

That said, not all shoppers are comfortable with live chat, and some will prefer alternative means of contact.

Display Company Contact Info

A 2011 study published by Econsultancy found that 46 percent of consumers found contact information to be a signal that they could trust the brand.

While this information is practically ancient in internet terms, most people likely still consider this when determining if a site is credible.

contact us screenshot

Think about it. If you see a brand’s phone number listed at the top of the page, are you more likely to trust them?

Thought so.

For this reason, retailers should prominently display on eCommerce landing pages the company’s contact information and social links. This not only increases trust, but it allows consumers to reach out to a brand quickly and conveniently.

Provide Pricing Information

In a discussion about eCommerce landing pages, it should go without saying that listing the price is essential.

Obscuring an item’s price will not help to increase conversions.

Enough said.

Spell Out Shipping Time Frames

Like pricing, customers want to know when they will receive an item if they order it and how much shipping will cost.

Clearly communicate any shipping prices upfront and expected delivery dates to enhance conversion rates.

Ensure Congruence Between Landing Pages and Adverts

PPC ads are a significant driver of traffic for eCommerce landing pages.

Therefore, it is vital that when a visitor clicks on an advert, they are greeted with a landing page that immediately lets them know they are in the right place. This can be achieved by ensuring that the look, feel, messaging and offer all match.

ames walker sitewide sale

If consumers get any hint that they may have been misled, many will bounce immediately.

Consider Page Length

The fact is that when speaking about high performing landing pages, the optimal length is dependent on a variety of factors, including:

  • The consumer’s stage of brand awareness
  • Familiarity with a product
  • The complexity of the item
  • The price of the merchandise

Given the various factors that go into optimizing eCommerce landing page lengths, the only way for retailers to obtain the most prosperous outcomes is to test different length pages and see what works best for their brand.

Split Test eCommerce Landing Page Components

As with most marketing efforts, A/B testing is a vital component to success.

With eCommerce landing pages, there are tons of elements to split test to find the most resonant ingredients that will produce conversions.

For instance, some of the many parts of landing pages that can be tested include:

  • Headlines
  • Sub-headlines
  • Copy
  • CTAs
  • Number of CTAs
  • Colors
  • Images
  • Page length
  • Promotional offers
  • Videos

By examining these kinds of components individually, retailers can assemble a strong eCommerce landing page that was built to convert.

There are a lot of different strategies for optimizing an eCommerce landing page, many of which are listed here. The tactics listed above can help online retailers to build the most effective landing page for their purposes.

However, no matter which combination of these ideas that you choose to utilize, be sure to consistently split test landing pages to obtain the best outcomes possible.

Alternatively, if your brand wants to ensure peak performance, reach out to Visiture’s conversion rate optimization specialists, and we can discuss how to assemble the most powerful eCommerce landing page for your business.

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