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Oh, Bing, you constantly surprise us with your eccentricities, “mood swings,” and (rare) good days! Utilizing Bing Ads is both necessary and wise for most of our clients. While we find much more volume on the Google network, it would be foolish to avoid a search medium that has cheaper clicks and additional search volume.

No brainer, right?? Well, the thing is, navigating the Bing Interface is TIME CONSUMING. Google has created such an intuitive, streamlined user experience with Ad Words that anything below their caliber can be pretty (um, VERY) frustrating for a PPC professional.

As PPC managers, time is of the essence. We constantly hope for more hours in the day. Our team was PUMPED when the Ad Words App was announced, just so we could access our accounts in transit to lunch!  This “need for speed” can certainly create some hang-ups with our friend, Bing Ads.



When life gives you lemons, make online marketing lemonade!

We came up with a few tips and tricks to both save time with Bing Ads and also make the most of what it has to offer:

Tracking Is Key!  Bing data is, shall we say, testy … When setting up a Bing Ads account, append a Google analytics UTM tracking string to your ads/sitelinks or keywords. This will allow you to ALWAYS have access to data like revenue, conversions, and site visits, even when the Bing Ads Interface is down (this happens often).

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Google’s URL Builder is a great tool you can use to quickly generate your tracking code.

Excel Is Your Bestie! Need to change bids in a flash, but want to do so based on metrics like conversion value/cost that are not available in the Bing interface? A trusty Excel document can do the trick for SURE. Below are some of the tasks we complete on a daily basis with Excel. Just import and export within the Bing Ads interface.

  • Bid Changes
  • UTM code appendages
  • Sitelink updates
  • Ad Promo Changes
  • Bing Shopping bid changes based on ID

Okay, let’s chat about the bid changes for shopping campaigns. For Google Shopping campaigns, we can export and adjust bids based on product ID and ROAS (Visiture’s preference).

Bing’s interface makes this a little tough. It is difficult to select multiple IDs at once, based on a single metric, and, as mentioned before, conversion value/cost is not in the grid.

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Product level bids in Bing are just as important as those in Google. Maybe even MORE important, because Bing has a tendency to match out broader searches in shopping campaigns. An unnecessarily high bid can REALLY cause your campaign to generate wasted spend from irrelevant queries.

A quick (ish) way to update Bing bids you have established already in Google is to utilize Excel and our favorite formula, vlookup.

  • First, export your product ID level data from your Google shopping campaign.

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  • Utilize your Text to Columns function to isolate product ID into its own Excel column.
  • Export Bing Shopping campaign to an Excel doc with product IDs segmented as the targeting method.

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  • VLOOKUP TIME! Use the formula to find the appropriate ID bid from Google and populate in the Bid column of your Bing export. Once all of the IDs have new bids, you may want to decrease them by ~20%, as Bing’s clicks are generally cheaper than Google’s.
  • Save your document, import from file to Bing, and BAM! You are done!

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Yes, the above tips and tricks are helpful, but nothing beats the ease of the Bing Ads Editor in making quick changes and optimizations. BUT the editor is not available for Mac Computers!

jill jimmy fallon

If you are a Mac user, like this Visiture team member, then the biggest tip/trick in the BOOK is … (drum roll) …


VMWare, the best way to run Windows on a Mac. VMWare is a GAMECHANGER. The software creates a virtual Windows desktop on your Mac so that applications like the Bing Ads Editor can be accessed.

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We highly recommend this software for PPC agencies that operate primarily on Mac computers. One license can be utilized across multiple devices, so your team will save time, be happier, and live better lives!

Speaking of living better lives … Bing announced a few months ago that they are rolling out an editor that is Mac-compatible! It is slated for “early summer,” so, until then (or much later), we hope the above tips are helpful!

As PPC managers, we discover new tips and tricks daily that make our jobs easier. The space evolves so fast that we must be able to do so, as well. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks from our team as we navigate this beautiful PPC world! We certainly love tips from our PPC friends and blogs!!


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