SculptHouse Unveils New Website Unifying Their Athleisure Boutique and Fitness Studio

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After SculptHouse founder Katharine Mason opened her fourth fitness studio located in Dallas, Texas, the brand also launched its new and improved website to aid in the process of the company’s fast-growing expansion. Designed and developed by Visiture, the new website is remodeled with modern creativity and streamlined workflow in mind.

The new site build-out, employing Shopify, combines the company’s two business entities–their eCommerce fashion boutique as well as their fitness studio–into one online space. Customers can now purchase products from SculptHouse’s online store as well as manage their gym memberships and schedule classes all from one integrated website. The robust use of the platform also allows for the centralization of customer data in order to cross-promote their products and services. 

In addition to consolidating the operations, a complete overhaul of the site’s design was a driving factor in the build. The modernization of the site was implemented through state-of-the-art UX and contemporary photography. In line with the new design, the customer experience was enhanced through changes to the site navigation and menu, adding feature collections and a subcategory filter menu to the shopping process. 

Their exponential growth over the past three years has propelled SculptHouse into the next level of fitness programs. They now boast two locations in Atlanta, one in Dallas and another in Nashville, and this website redesign is the next progression in their business growth. 

About SculptHouse

SculptHouse opened its doors in 2016 as the world’s first fitness studio to combine modern Pilates and the treadmill to get a low-impact but high-intensity strength and cardio workout in one place in under an hour. The fitness facet was only part of Mason’s vision for SculptHouse. She also wanted to include her interest in the athleisure fashion industry, thus sprouting the apparel side of the business. Their mission is to help clients lead healthier, happier and more confident lives through fitness and fashion.

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