Nine of The Biggest Web Design Failures

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A website is the “marketing key” that unlocks interest and persuasion. A website is where one goes when doing research, choosing a product or service, and so on. The website is essential in growing a business. With that being said, bad website design can shoo off potential customers. There are targets a web designer must hit in order to pull off an effective website.  Starting from the bottom, we’ll tell you what the biggest website design mistakes are and how you can avoid them.

(9) Actions of the Website Visitor
So, a prospective customer comes to your site and toggles through your navigation, but is unsure how to contact your business. This happens commonly. A web designer does not lie out a clear, concise contact method, and customers are lost. They go to another site that has an effective contact method, and leaves your business in loss. In order to make sure your potential customers are satisfied from the moment they click on your site, until the moment the transaction(s) is processed, the method of contact needs to be simple, easy-to-use, and right in front of their eyes. This is why it’s important to add a contact form or a contact banner with essential information to contact the business on all important pages of the site.

(8) Web Design Overload

You want your website to stand out from your competition, but you also want your potential clientele to be able to use your website. In many cases, web designers use their tools to create an amazing website, but they may leave out that many potential customers are troubled with navigating through the site. This is why a method of construction is needed. Before the website is designed, make a layout. Point out each item you want on each page of the site, and go from there. Leave it at that. There’s no need to add every widget you can. You want your customers to be attracted to the website. If too much is on one page, you’ll begin to lose your customers’ attention, and further, you’ll lose actual customers! You want an outstanding website, yet a simple and clean-cut design as well.

(7) Thinking You Could Do Better

In some cases, businesses attempt to design their own website. They know the content that should go on the website, but they do not necessarily know the ins and outs of web design. Not that web design is like rocket science, but there is a technique to building a website in a way that attracts your customers. Also, web designers have the ability to professionally brand your company. With that being said, the do-it-yourself solution is not always best.

(6) A Non-mobile friendly website

In today’s technologically advanced ways, many people access the Internet via their cell phones. A fraction of those rarely frequent a computer screen. With this statistic reigning true, businesses may lose business due to not having a mobile friendly website designed to respond to potential customers’ mobility. In order to achieve the highest percentage of client outreach, it is best if businesses have a mobile friendly website for the “on-the-go” customers

(5) Paying Too Much or Too Little?

Web design is not easy. If it were, everybody would be able to design their own website and cut out the business as a whole, but that, however, is not the case. There are always instances where web designers are questioned about their pricing. Whether you’re paying too much to have a website designed is not a question to be discussed. That’s the same as asking a lawyer why they charge so much, or a plastic surgeon why they are priced so high. The pricing is determined upon the conductor’s discretion, and is set due to factors like level of difficulty, number of tasks, and benefits of the business.

(4) Not-so Social Media

We discussed the importance of gaining the highest percentage of client outreach, and how reaching out through as many platforms as possible can conclude the accurate percentage of clients gained/lost. Social media is one of the most important platforms of communication between businesses and consumers. With that being said, businesses do not interact as adequately as needed with their customers. Social media platforms are key to reputation management, customer service, and customer satisfaction. Businesses lose potential or recent customers if not for social media marketing. What good is business if there is no communication?

(3) Uninteresting Content

If a customer visits your website only to find content that is unattractive to them, they will not hesitate to travel further. This is an area where web design is needed most. Not only do web designers build a website that is visually attractive, they create copy that clothes the website to its beauty. If one has no experience in writing, then they should outsource the job. A good copy is a good website.

(2) Website Errors

Websites are constructed carefully through time and effort. Working with HTML, CSS, and visual composers make it a tough, and time consuming job. Web designers often tend to leave errors in the website. These errors, ranging from navigation to contact information, are issues that can and will drive customers to park at other businesses. It is important to make sure that every widget or application on the website works accurately and efficiently.

(1) Who Are You Aiming For?

A business’s target market is one of the most important bits of information that needed when conducting any marketing or business outreach. It’s important for a business to know whom they’re talking to when it comes to attracting new and returning customers. A brand of dog food is not going to attract those customers with cats. This is important when building a website, interacting on social media, and analytics.

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