What Is Google Data Studio and How Can You Use It?

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It’s no secret that data-driven marketing has the potential to dramatically boost your eCommerce store’s profitability and sales. We now know more about our customers and how each of them interacts on our sites than we ever did before, but the problem is that many marketers still struggle to make sense of all this data.


This is where Google Data Studio comes in. The beta version was launched in May of 2016, alongside Google Analytics 360 Suite, and offers marketers everything that they could possibly need to transform their data into easily readable reports. The best part is that Google is offering everyone a chance to try Google Data Studio for free.

If you are thinking of giving Data Studio a shot, here’s what you need to know in a pinch:

What is Google Data Studio?

Google Data Studio is the free version of Google Data Studio 360—Google’s new data visualization and reporting tool which caters to large enterprises.  But now Google wants smaller teams and individuals to give Data Studio a try, presumably to give them an idea of what they could achieve with the full-featured version (the free version allows you to create up to five reports).

Let’s take a look at what Data Studio has to offer:

Data Integration

One of the key features of Data Studio is its ability to seamlessly integrate data from multiple sources and transform this data into beautiful and informative reports. For example, you can integrate AdWords data and Google Analytics data into a single report with ease. With built-in data connectors to Google products, you can easily access data across the Google-sphere.

Easier to Collaborate and Share

Data studio is built on the same infrastructure as Google Docs, so that it is easy to edit reports and collaborate in real-time. You also have the ability to mix and match data sources and share them in a single report to those in your organization.

Enhanced Visualization

There are the usual pie charts and bar charts that you can use to present your data, but Data Studio also boasts some new visualization features that might pique your interest. For example, Data Studio has the ability to create heat maps using tubular data, making it easier for you to identify outliers in your data.

In addition, Data Studio has a number of stylistic tools that will allow you to create reports which are more closely aligned with your brand. You can even make your reports interactive to viewers by using interactive data controls.

Why Use Google Data Studio?

We’ve barely touched upon the sheer number of cool things that you can do with Data Studio, but here is why you really need to consider giving this new reporting tool a shot:

Easy to Read, Actionable Insight

Data can be complex—especially when it is coming from different data sources. Google Data Studios takes a lot of the complexity out of gathering data by making it a breeze to create reports that are easy to read, and which allow marketers to make better choices and craft superior marketing strategies.

Data Studio Is User-Friendly

Stop wasting hours trying to collect data from Google Analytics, and adding it to an Excel spreadsheet, just so that you can combine it with Google AdWords. Being able to combine data from YouTube Analytics, BigQuery, Google AdWords, and other sources into one visual report saves so much time and is easy to do.

Plus, anyone can use Data Studios. The user-interface is intuitive and, if you are familiar with other Google products such as Google Docs, then you will have no problem figuring out Data Studios.


It’s Fun (and Free!)

If you’re a bit of a data nerd, you have to try Data Studio. It’s free for the first five reports, and you can share them with anyone, so feel free to annoy/impress your coworkers with your visually-appealing data.


Google Data Studio hasn’t been out long, but it has a lot going for it that can save you much time and confusion with your data reports. If you already use many of Google’s products and/or have clients for whom you need to provide reports, then we highly recommend taking advantage of Google’s free trial run of Data Studio. If you find that you like it, you can look into upgrading to Google Data Studio 360 to take full advantage of what it has to offer.

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