Enhanced Brand Content: How to Get the Most Out of Amazon’s New Product Feature

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Amazon is one of the most powerful retail entities in the world, and the company has a firm grasp on its current (and expanding) customer base. In fact, 54 percent of consumers go directly to Amazon when starting a product search. Compare that with the 46 percent that begins on Google.

If that weren’t enough, Amazon currently dominates a full 49 percent of the eCommerce market, or five percent of all retail spend.

However, the power that Amazon wields has (for good or bad) enabled a wide array of merchants to earn a respectable (if not outright lucrative) living through the platform. In fact, 20 percent of Amazon sellers pull in over $1 million annually.

However, because of the sheer volume of sellers, Amazon has become a highly-competitive and outright ruthless environment in which merchants must pull out all the proverbial stops to get their products to top the Amazon SERPs, garner consumer clicks and earn sales for their items.

Fortunately, Amazon recently rolled out a new feature which enables merchants to showcase their products in brilliant and alluring new ways.

Enter Enhanced Brand Content.

The digital storefront’s newly minted Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) is quickly becoming an essential feature for implementing a powerful Amazon SEO strategy that drives both traffic and sales on the platform, helping to give rise to a positive feedback loop for merchants.

Ready to see what EBC is and how to optimize it to the fullest? Read on.

What Is Enhanced Brand Content?

The two most significant challenges for most Amazon sellers are:

  • Differentiation
  • Consumer confidence

The latter is driven by Amazon’s growing problem with fake reviews, while the former is fueled by the tremendous number of near-identical items sold in nearly all verticals.

For merchants to get their products to stand out in an ocean of items and convince Amazon shoppers that one item is somehow superior to similar products can be nothing short of a Herculean feat.

what is enhanced brand content graphic

Fortunately, Amazon has introduced Enhanced Brand Content to meet these exact impediments.

Enhanced Brand Content is a versatile and customizable visual element that can be added to specific ASINs to help contrast items to potential product doppelgangers. Through this add-on, merchants can creatively feature high-quality images, additional product information, unique details, enhanced graphics and other messaging that helps to create brand recognition.

EBC can also be leveraged to answer the most common consumer questions by listing details that can help drive sales and reduce returns. Moreover, these listings can be of particular use for products that are unfamiliar to consumers, contemporary or otherwise complicated.

As Amazon has listed on its “About” page for Enhanced Brand Content, to qualify for this listing augmentation, merchants must be:

“…Professional sellers who have been approved as brand owners through the Amazon Brand Registry process, as well as emerging brand owners who are part of certain, managed selling programs such as Launchpad and Amazon Exclusives. After you’ve been approved, you’ll be able to add EBC only to products that are part of your approved brand catalog.”

After meeting this criterion, creating and submitting an EBC listing, the content will either be published or denied within seven days, though Amazon has been good about getting back to merchants sooner.

But, as many are likely wondering, does Enhanced Brand Content actually help to improve merchant metrics?

EBC Conversion Expansions


Enhanced Brand Content, while a seemingly simple improvement to product pages, has made profound impacts for an array of sellers.

For instance, screen cleaner producer WHOOSH implemented EBC for some of its more popular products on Amazon. As a result, the company saw a stunning 427 percent increase in conversion rate. Similarly, dietary supplement brand Bioganix followed suit. The company saw conversion rates spike by 170 percent in less than one month.

However, it isn’t just private label sellers who are showing gains from this type of content implementation. The manufacturer’s counterpart to EBC, A+ Enhanced Marketing Content (EMC) proves to provide similar advantages. In fact, a report published by Amazon revealed that manufacturers who leverage A+ EMC pages increase sales by three to 10 percent.

Ultimately, it seems that across lines, the use of this type of content augmentation can have powerful impacts on conversion rates, thereby affecting product traffic and rankings.

How to Optimize Enhanced Brand Content

Given the potential gains that can be cultivated from the use of EBC, it is essential to optimize the new feature to its fullest.

However, before diving into optimization tactics, it is essential to familiarize oneself with Amazon’s EBC creation guidelines as there is a rather long list of restrictions that could result in rejection. Moreover, some of these conditions may not be immediately apparent (such as the use of registered logos), so it is necessary for a merchant to do their due diligence.  

When beginning to craft Enhanced Brand Content for a specific ASIN, it is essential to keep the ideal customer top of mind. Consider their desires, pain-points and common questions they might have about a product. This kind of information should be prominently featured.

optimizing enhanced brand content graphic

A helpful way to identify these kinds of talking points would be to dig through the customer questions and reviews sections to determine valuable aspects and obscure yet relevant details. Sift through both positive and negative reviews as customer complaints can often give clues where a description is falling short.

When it comes to the content’s imagery, brands will naturally want to utilize only high-quality, professional images that pop off the page. This point is critical as potential buyers want to be as confident as possible in their purchase; therefore, giving them a “feel” for the product via crisp and detailed images is essential. It should also be noted that these images should differ from those utilized in the main image slots. Publishing duplicate photos won’t add any extra value (and it is one of Amazon’s EBC restrictions).

In addition to these fundamental aspects, retailers will also want to:

  • Dedicate each section to a single topic or aspect of the product
  • Ensure text relates to the image above or next to the copy
  • Utilize images that showcase product benefits
  • Utilize colors, fonts and images that align with the brand’s identity

Outside of these guidelines, it is essential to consider and implement traditional SEO best practices as well.

SEO Considerations


Often, Amazon sellers forget that they aren’t just optimizing their listing for Amazon, but they are honing their pages for Google, too. Since Amazon products regularly surface in Google’s SERPs, it is essential to optimize a page (and Enhanced Brand Content) for the big G as well.

Given this consideration, merchants should include necessary keywords in their EBC listings as well as in the other traditional areas for Amazon.

Moreover, if a merchant takes the time to properly cultivate a standout EBC listing (not all are great), these sellers gain an added SEO advantage through their increased ability to sell. It is important to remember that conversion rates and sales velocity are direct ranking factors on Amazon; therefore, the more well-crafted the EBC, the likelier it is for a product to receive a boost in rankings as a result.

Effective Amazon PPC management, while powerful, isn’t enough to remain a dominating force in the company’s hyper-competitive marketplace. Merchants must do all they can to separate themselves from the pack and create an identity within the Amazon ecosystem.

In the end, Enhanced Brand Content is a significant win for both buyers and sellers. It not only provides consumers with the information and details they need to make a purchase with confidence, but it provides merchants with the brand recognition they require, increasing sales and better rankings in the Amazon SERPs.

Adopt Enhanced Brand Content now and reap the rewards it has to offer.

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