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Content marketing is more competitive than ever. Everyone online is vying for consumer attention by attempting to craft the most interesting, engaging. and eye-catching content possible, all while driving prospects to take a specific action.

In today’s digital ecosystem, developing a content marketing strategy is a necessity to gain any sort of traction or return on investment. At the core of this blueprint, however, is unique and informative content that grabs the attention of your target audience and inspires them to act.

Moving blueprints

However, to achieve such a feat, you need to understand what topics and information are valuable to consumers and prospects. You must discern the most engaging formats and techniques.

Today, we’re going to help you sift through the dense and murky waters of content marketing and discuss several powerful tools that need to be in your content marketing arsenal as well. Additionally, we will be establishing several of the most effective content strategies available for generating a meaningful ROI.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

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The Tools

There is a wide array of content marketing tools that can assist your brand in reaching customers, identifying noteworthy topics, listening in on social trends and optimizing pieces for greater success.

Of the plethora of content marketing platforms, three are particularly effective:


BuzzSumo is one of the most prolific and profound content tools online today.

This platform enables business owners, marketers and content creators of all kinds to identify trending topics, viral pieces of content within a niche, industry influencers, competitor content strategies and tons of other invaluable info for crafting a solid content foundation.

big data results

Using this tool is a surefire way to increase your brand’s content marketing ROI. It not only helps to highlight effective subject matters, but it also points out prominent names in your industry. With this information, you can target influencers for a campaign (more on that later), find authoritative names to guest post on your blog or vice versa.


No matter if we’re talking blog posts, social shares or anything in-between, today’s consumers demand that content has visual elements. However, creating unique images with platforms like Photoshop can be expensive and time-consuming. This is where Canva takes center stage.

Canva is a free image design program that features a myriad of templates and formats, all optimized for various social platforms or specific users (e.g., flyers, business cards, etc.).

canva image design

The system’s drag-and-drop functionality makes generating unique images for various content types super simple, quick and inexpensive (in addition to the free features, there are upgrades available for nominal fees).


If you’re going to develop a content marketing strategy that helps your brand, you are going to need to share a lot of materials via social media–not just your own creations, but curated content as well. This means that managing all your channels manually will quickly become a full-time job.

For this, you need to call on a social scheduling and automation tools like Buffer.

buffer screenshot

Utilizing Buffer, brands can effectively schedule posts and manage various social portals like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and other destinations. Moreover, Buffer enables engagement and interaction analyzation to fully understand how your content is performing across channels.

With Buffer’s many features, extensions and products, there is no shortage of ROI-boosting content marketing elements to exploit through this service.

With these three tools now in your content marketing toolkit, let’s go ahead and explore effective content marketing strategies for reaching your target audience and increasing returns.

Content Marketing ROI Divier 2

The Tips

content strategy graphic

To effectively craft a content marketing strategy that generates a noteworthy ROI, it starts with producing compelling, unique and informative content, but you need to utilize the formats that produce the best results.

That said, three of the most potent ROI-generating content models include:

Video Content

Video is arguably the future of content itself. Not only is video poised to account for 79 percent of internet traffic by 2020, but this format is one of the most powerful pieces of content available to digital brands.

Research has shown that video marketing generates 66 percent more qualified leads annually in addition to a 54 percent hike in awareness.

Why use video content

Still not convinced?

Consider the fact that brands who leveraged their video content in 2017 grew revenue 49 percent faster than companies who didn’t.

To employ video in a prosperous way, feature them on your brand’s blog to make the section more appealing and engaging. Not everyone loves to read, but if a visitor is interested in your site’s content, you should present them with multiple consumption formats.

video content

This is particularly important as video content drastically impacts sales. Landing pages that contain videos can increase conversions by up to 80 percent.

Additionally, video is not hard to produce these days. All you need is a smartphone, a mic, some decent lighting, and you are ready to record.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the most return-oriented modalities in use. The practice has been continually cited as generating 11 times the ROI of any other form of digital media. Moreover, influencer marketing tends to generate $6.50 for every $1 spent.

Combine this strategy with video and you have a winning blend assured to produce great results. This is particularly impactful for eCommerce brands as review videos from social authorities lend credence to a company and drives tons of purchases.

instagram post screenshot

Today, getting hooked up with influencers is easier than ever as there are a variety of marketplaces and platforms to connect through such as:

Do keep in mind, however, that if you want to launch an influencer marketing campaign, you need to align with the right influencers for your brand. Then, create a memorable experience by involving the audience with a giveaway, sweepstakes or other interactive element and analyze performance as you go to ensure the campaign is healthy and operating well.

Blogging Regularly

A company blog is a key ingredient in the ROI amplification of content marketing. Sure, you can monetize your blog with ads and other such tactics, but the real return comes from the SEO value.

mcdavis usa blog

Optimizing your blog’s content for the correct keywords is essential, however, if you want to drive the most clicks possible (thereby generating more qualified leads) and produce the most comprehensive and informative content you can on a given subject. Just remember that blogs that reach or exceed 1,500 words or more tend to perform better in the SERPs. This is not only because of their keyword richness, but because they tend to answer questions in a deep and thorough fashion.

Optimize your blog

Calling back to our “tools” section, you can uncover popular topics in your niche by using BuzzSumo. Read those blogs and articles to identify which questions have not been answered and other areas where you can do better. This is key in developing a blog that positions your brand as a thought leader in its industry while also pushing its revenue to greater heights.

Additionally, be sure to leverage tools like Google Analytics to gain a deeper understanding of your content’s performance based on specific KPIs. Use this information to determine which pieces resonate most with readers and grab their attention the longest.

It is also wise to include various CTAs in your pieces that invite people to schedule a demo, join the mailing list, download your lead magnet or take another desired action.

If you really want to increase your content marketing ROI, however, your brand website should tout a “resource” center, complete with downloadable guides, case studies, white papers, eBooks and other materials that directly showcase your brand’s abilities or depth of knowledge. These materials are effective ROI-enhancing components because longform, useful and practical advice tends to drive highly qualified leads and customers to a business by showcasing past successes and competence in their field.

glamorise bra measure

If you opt to gate these types of materials as a premium offering to visitors, you can collect emails and enter these individuals into nurture campaigns that pull them deeper into your company’s sales funnel. If you choose to go this route, be aware that you will likely drive fewer leads, but they will be of higher quality.

Content marketing is a highly competitive field. It requires more than the ability to write a blog post. The key to this methodology is to generate intriguing, informative, original content that provides value to your audience in a desirable format.

Moreover, you must get these materials in front of prospective buyers through social media, SEO, influencer marketing and other effective avenues.

While this is undoubtedly a challenge, you can craft a content blueprint that will provide your brand with a significant return on investment by leveraging a set of powerful SEO tools, employing effective content marketing strategies and pouring your heart and soul into your marketing campaigns.

Start integrating these tips and tools into your content marketing program today, and you are likely to see more traffic, audience engagement and a much healthier financial outcome for your eCommerce business.

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