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We have read about 1,000 articles in the past few weeks about things people need to know about Google Plus.  And it’s been making us yawn.  Here is some advice from Chris Brogan in Forbes’ CMO Network section that we actually liked.  In case you haven’t taken your Adderall today and can’t make it through the whole thing, here are the three most important things that you should take from this, Cliffs Notes style:

  • Google Plus Business Pages are coming.  I believe that the pre-registration is shut down at the moment, but it will be back up again.  And when it is, you need to get on that.
  • Google Plus is already searchable and indexed into the world’s biggest search engine.  That’s why it’s important.
  • It may not be the next “social network,” but a “communications backbone.”  << interesting thought alert!

This article seemed to have a better tone.  Instead of just ecstatically praising Google for all of their innovation, Brogan talks about how you’re actually going to use it (or how you need to).  That was enough for us!

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