Benefits of Shopify: Nine Reasons Shopify is the Right Decision for Your eCommerce Storefront

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There is a myriad of Shopify benefits offered within the company’s standard solution, let alone the incredible feats that can be achieved by making the most out of Shopify Plus.

However, like most platforms, Shopify has its own set of pros and cons. That said, the eCommerce provider does work for tons of sellers as Shopify statistics show that well over 800,000 retailers across the globe employ the platform. Moreover, those store owners sold more than $14 billion worth of merchandise in Q4 2018 alone.

Some of the many Shopify benefits featured within the platform’s core offering that attracts so many retailers include high levels of versatility, a wide range of eCommerce features, built-in security elements and so much more.

Frankly, one of the worst decisions an entrepreneur or a brand looking to upgrade to a new eCommerce platform can make is choosing the wrong one. The platform is, in many ways, the core of the business. Therefore, it is critical for sellers to select a platform that meets their needs while still providing them with room to scale.

mobile device logging into shopify account

For retailers to understand which platform is best suited to their needs, it is vital to know what each has to offer.

Given that Visiture is a proud Shopify Plus technology partner, we thought it appropriate to help educate retailers on what makes the company’s standard offerings such a powerful option for those that aren’t quite ready to dive into its enterprise offerings.

Want to know why nearly a million retailers use Shopify as their preferred eCommerce platform?

Here are nine Shopify benefits that elevate the service providers above the competition.

Shopify Benefits Retailers with Easy Setup and Interface

One of the most appealing Shopify benefits – particularly for novice retailers – is its easy and quick setup process.

Appealing to retailers who possess little to no coding abilities, Shopify does not require merchants to hold any in-depth technical skills to build an online store. Shopify retailers enjoy the freedom of concern gained from a hosted platform that provides an out-of-the-box solution.

Part (and the point) of the appeal of Shopify is to supply merchants with the easiest possible pathway to building an eCommerce website. Therefore, the site features a clear design scheme, a plethora of help pages and intuitive navigation features.

The platform’s logical features structure gives rise to a user-friendly interface that enables users to quickly locate tons of documents, videos and helpful Shopify guides that provide excellent advice and direction on building a Shopify store.

entrepreneurs guide to small business finance

Ultimately, one of the most profound Shopify benefits is that it is a no-fuss platform that gives everyone from newbies to experts a professional-grade eCommerce solution without all the technical requirements demanded by other service providers.

Shopify Provides All the Necessary Features

Now, this is one of the overarching Shopify benefits, and we will break it down in further detail from here; however, it is vital to understand this point as a whole before diving into its finer details.

When building an eCommerce store with solutions like Magento (which is an excellent platform), it can be challenging to assemble all the elements required for a fantastic eCommerce UX design, let alone the backend mechanics for the operation.

Given that Visiture provides custom web design services for Magento, we understand all the nuanced ins-and-outs that come with utilizing an open-source platform where retailers must manually add in a variety of site features, marketing capabilities, aspects to smooth out the checkout flow, analytics insights, payment processing options and so forth. Moreover, doing all this can certainly pay off in the long run.

However, while Magento is undoubtedly a phenomenal choice, we also recognize that it isn’t right for everyone, given the level of complexity involved.

Therefore, one of the most formidable Shopify benefits is that it gives retailers everything required to succeed without getting nickel and dimed to death with upgrades, add-ons, extensions and the rest.

Merchants Acquire Built-In Speed and Security

Improving eCommerce site speeds is always a top priority for retailers. However, actually achieving this task is often easier said than done, given that one of the major challenges in operating a digital store is that its hosting must be fast and secure for its shoppers.

In fact, as was stated by Google’s Maile Ohye when speaking to eCommerce site performance:

“Two seconds is the threshold for eCommerce website acceptability. At Google, we aim for under a half second.”

After that two-second mark, every tenth of a second that consumers are made to wait results in increased site abandonment. Most likely, these folks will head off to a competing destination.

shopify speed and security graphic

At the same time, merchants must employ layers of security to maintain PCI compliance to process credit card information. As a solution, many retailers outsource payments to third-party vendors like PayPal; however, if the store isn’t set up right, a poor connection could result in diminished sales.

Here, Shopify benefits merchants once again as the all-in-one solution allows sellers to turn those aspects of their business over to professionals. Thanks to Shopify’s offering, retailers need not worry about a whole host of issues related to hackers, compliance and so forth.

While there are a variety of factors that impact page speed and security, Shopify manages both these elements at a global platform level.

Moreover, it is impossible to talk about Shopify benefits without mentioning how great the company is at maintaining high levels of speed and security. Not only does the provider supply SSL encryption on all its stores, but they do so while preserving lightning-fast speeds, thereby never keeping its customers waiting for pages to load.

Shopify Benefits the Marketer In Us All

When it comes to driving traffic to a website, marketing tools are imperative. Thankfully, one of the ways that adopting Shopify benefits its users is that the platform comes equipped with a slew of marketing tools. Now, the standard means provided aren’t the most sophisticated options on the planet; however, Shopify’s app marketplace features tons of powerful free and paid tools that retailers can employ to upgrade their site.

shopify facebook ads screen

Speaking to campaigns related to email and PPC ads (Google and social media sites, in particular), the Shopify benefits are clear as retailers can easily create landing pages, which is not only a key element in PPC advertising but also helps to set Shopify apart from similar services.

Moreover, earlier this year, Shopify announced expansions to its marketing features, with the service provider stating that:

“Merchants can now create, manage and launch dynamic ads on Facebook, and starting this week, we are beginning to roll out Story Ads on Snapchat. This expands our existing integrations including carousel ads on Facebook and Google Smart shopping campaigns.”

shopify facebook ads graphic

With Shopify’s integration of Facebook dynamic ads, retailers can now recapture the significant portion of consumers who leave a site without converting, effectively retargeting them with products they viewed or added to their cart.

Moreover, Shopify’s abandoned cart recovery system automatically emails customers to remind them of the items they left behind, thereby greatly enhancing a site’s potential revenue.

Additionally, Shopify benefits extend into the realm of SEO as well, given that the site’s code is 100 percent crawlable, users can implement meta descriptions and title tags, input keywords in alt text, utilize headers and subheaders, create eCommerce sitemaps, employ canonical tags to prevent duplicate content and leverage most SEO features that retailers would expect to see.

Shopify has just about everything merchants require to market their store, from product reviews to social media sharing tools; this platform understands the importance of eCommerce marketing.

The Shopify Benefits of Professional-Grade Design

Visiture is all about building a great user experience couched inside an aesthetically pleasing website. However, we also understand that not all merchants have the resources to create a stunning site from the ground up. Therefore, we believe that a good eCommerce platform should generally provide two levels of customization:

  • The website should look great “out-of-the-box.”
  • A professional designer or coder can easily enhance the site’s functionality and design

Thankfully, this is one of many Shopify benefits as the platform does both.

Using Shopify, sellers can promote a great looking site right out of the box as the platform offers a myriad of professionally-made themes. Merchants have the choice of deploying one of the free themes available to users, or they can choose from a wide array of custom-built themes that can be bought through Shopify’s theme store.

shopify theme store

However (and this is where things get exciting), Shopify benefits also extend to designers and developers as the company makes its theme system available, enabling creators to customize themes to create any sort of site experience that retailers desire.

Another one of the Shopify benefits that come by way of themes is that they are all mobile responsive, which leads us to our next topic.

Mobile-Friendliness is Baked into the Cake

The mobile experience is being redefined as the number of small screen shoppers continues to skyrocket.

In 2018, Black Friday sales broke records at $6.22 billion spent online, a near 24 percent increase from the year before. However, what’s most important here is that over 33 percent of those purchases came from smartphone devices.

2018 black friday sales graphic

Given the constant trend toward everything mobile, it is increasingly critical that retailers possess mobile-friendly (and optimized) websites, especially considering that Google has made mobile indexing the default.

Given the trajectory of mobile devices, which has been on the incline for years, Shopify opted to ensure all its themes were mobile responsive, thereby allowing users to have a great shopping experience, no matter their preferred device.

Additionally, as part of the Shopify benefits package (so to speak), the company includes a free built-in mobile commerce shopping cart to ensure that conversions can easily be carried out on mobile.

Finally, the platform also provides its users with free iOS and Android applications to easily manage stores while on the go.

Shopify Benefits from Add-Ons

While the number of Shopify benefits that come from the platform’s extensive feature list is impressive, retailers can expand upon the value received from the service by integrating some of the many plugins from Shopify’s App Store.

shopify app options

Shopify’s app store gives retailers access to a multitude of plugins in a variety of categories including, but not limited to:

  • Marketing
  • Orders and shipping
  • Store design
  • Sales and conversions
  • Productivity
  • Customer support

The Shopify benefits that sellers can obtain from the vast array of application touted by the brand’s marketplace is stunning.

With the ability to easily integrate any number of Shopify benefits by using plugins, many merchants will not have to worry about finding a developer every time they want to add a particular feature to their store.

Moreover, since some of the plugins are free, while others come at a cost, retailers are likely to save quite a bit of money by utilizing such plugins, as opposed to requiring a developer to build out a new site feature.

Frankly, this is one of the most significant Shopify benefits, putting it firmly in the lead of many of its direct competitors. Given the wide array of other services that integrate with Shopify, these plugins are a straightforward solution for a variety of merchant needs.

Given that new plugins are continually hitting Shopify’s app store, this is a considerable advantage for retailers to possess.

A Dedicated Payment Gateway

Another one of the Shopify benefits that is worth highlighting is the brand’s dedicated payment gateway, Shopify Payments. While Shopify has integrated with numerous payment gateways, utilizing Shopify Payments comes with its own set of pluses.

Through a partnership with Stripe, Shopify was able to create its own “in-house” credit card processor, thereby eliminating the need to integrate a third-party processor as Shopify Payments is already integrated into user’s accounts.

In addition to incredibly useful features like chargeback management and fraud analysis, using this payment processing method gives users financial advantages as well. There are two main Shopify benefits to using this service, which are:

  • No Shopify Transaction Fees: The platform waves the commission fee it usually charges for each sale
  • Discounted Payment Processing: While Shopify typically charges a 2.9 percent + $0.30 fee for each online transaction, utilizing Shopify Payments reduces the expense for those paying for the “Shopify” or “Shopify Advanced” payment tiers.

shopify sales dashboard

(Graphic from Shopify)

To get started with this in-house option, retailers must select Shopify Payments in the admin and input their banking information, Employer Identification Number (EIN) and the average price and shipping time for orders.

Stellar Customer Support

Last but not least in Visiture’s list of major Shopify benefits is the company’s customer support.

In a build-it-yourself scenario like Shopify provides, retailers often have important questions to ask about the eCommerce platform. Unfortunately for most merchants, their only options for an answer is turning to costly developers or oft-unresponsive online forums.

However, this is not the case with Shopify.

Shopify benefits like massive FAQ databases and phone, email and live chat support with knowledgeable representatives allow merchants to acquire solutions quickly and painlessly.

shopify help center on laptop

For retailers running an online store, the constant support Shopify provides is a shining example of why over 800,000 sellers worldwide build their brands upon the company’s platform.

Creating an outstanding online store that looks great, operates at peak performance, supplies all the marketing necessity and provides the option for all sorts of add-ons is par for the course with an outstanding platform like Shopify.

For merchants that have little retail acumen, no coding knowledge or who are just looking for a hassle-free experience, Shopify is second to none, providing sellers with everything required to build a prosperous online brand.

However, for all Shopify benefits that retailers can take advantage of (including its SEO elements), ranking well in Google SERPs is still a beast of its own. If you want to get your shiny Shopify store in front of the most qualified buyers, reach out to Visiture’s eCommerce SEO experts for a free consultation and see how we can take your brand from vigorous to visible.

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