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In the Game of Thrones of eCommerce, Magento is winning the crown with innovative software and features that make websites stand out from the crowd.

Magento has been capturing hearts and minds for over 10 years because it is open source. With a free version that you don’t have to pay for, and an enterprise offering that is paid, this platform is showing the various levels you can reach with eCommerce if you use Magento for your businesses.

Take a look at the 7 reasons why we think Magento is one of the top platforms for online shopping:


We all know how glossy and glamorous eCommerce looks, especially with hot trends such as direct-to-consumer and the rise of omnichannel shopping. However, the day-to-day reality of building an eCommerce brand includes the nuts and bolts of making the business work. This means your business has to have smooth inventory management, delivery, and logistics so that orders get to customers in a timely fashion. Magento is excellent for this because it has baked the administrative side of eCommerce into the software that you will choose.

Shop Bazaar Header

Take a look at ShopBazaar from Harper’s Bazaar magazine. As one of the top fashion magazines in the world, Harper’s Bazaar, or Bazaar, as it is more commonly known, wanted to jump into the world of eCommerce by using the knowledge about products from the editors of the magazine. Shop Bazaar’s website is built using Magento Enterprise, ideal for fashion eCommerce businesses because of its laser-like focus on inventory management. For example, Magento Enterprise will send notifications when inventory is low for brands like ShopBazaar.

In the fast-paced and fickle world of fashion, it is critical for brands like ShopBazaar to remain at the forefront of what is trendy and stylish. The Enterprise option also allows you to manage inventory in a simple way, and it highlights how to solve back-ordered-item problems. For fashion and lifestyle businesses, shipping products that come in different sizes can be a challenge. This is why the Enterprise option also gives you the option to print packing slips for large orders and shipping labels for standard orders.


magento ribbon divider 1

B2B brands want a way to generate extra sales outside of long buying cycles. According to data from Econsultancy, 38% of B2B executives found that customers spent more online. Magento realized this and created a new platform within the software for B2B businesses.

Cisco is one of the biggest names in technology; however, the company is also a powerful player in B2B sales. Known for its famous routers and switches, Cisco has energized its sales strategy by integrating B2B commerce on its website. Have a look below to see how Cisco is using Magento to increase B2B revenue:

B2B Commerce

In the How to Buy section of the website, customers can purchase directly from the website or they can use Cisco Commerce to buy products. This shows the seamless integration between the direct-to-consumer trend and B2B commerce, all done through one platform: Magento. If you are trying to increase B2B sales, consider Magento for a fresh approach. The platform helps to decrease the length and time of the buying cycle while boosting revenues and margins for your business.


magento ribbon divider 2

Everyone who works in eCommerce is trying to figure out how to consistently increase sales, whether it is through marketing, promotions, or social media marketing. However, you can start to see sales increases by improving the technology that you use to run your eCommerce website. The Enterprise platform from Magento introduced Instant Purchase last year to help businesses increase sales from repeat customers. Brands have to rely on passionate repeat customers who purchase regularly to decrease customer acquisition costs.

The Instant Purchase feature stores a previous customer’s payment details and shipping information to make purchases faster. By decreasing the amount of time a customer will spend inputting payment and shipping details, this increases the chance of making sales faster. For eCommerce businesses that sell mass-market products with affordable prices, Instant Purchase is another ingredient to add to your sales and marketing strategy.


magento ribbon divider 3

Your eCommerce business will tell you whether it is thriving or dying by the strength of the analytics and metrics you receive. It’s better to go with a world-class platform that tells you the full story. Then you know where to make any improvements and see where your growth is coming from.

Magento Enterprise has dozens and dozens of pre-defined reports for you, whether you need to see ones about customers who are purchasing or about sales last week. You also get Magento analytics, as well as Google analytics, in order to understand the types of eCommerce traffic that you are receiving.

analytics metrics graphic

Dashboards and email summaries for staff members are available to make sense of the data that you are receiving daily, weekly, and monthly. Take advantage of the treasure trove of analytics and data that this platform gives you so you can empower your eCommerce business to grow steadily.


magento ribbon divider 4

Global eCommerce sales are expected to reach $2.77 trillion by the end of 2018, according to eMarketer. You can’t ignore the international sales potential of worldwide eCommerce sales. Magento knows those are why the international elements are so compelling.

Whether you are selling slippers or party favors, you can expect to find interested customers in the European Union (EU). Magento has included an automatic tax calculation with VAT for customers in EU member states. This is extremely important in order to be fully compliant with EU regulations.

The platform allows you to change currencies and manage local tax rates that differ from country to country. These abilities are important if you want to see real sales growth from other countries. By highlighting their currencies, you show an understanding and depth that will win you more business. International customers need to know they can receive your product, which is why the platform allows you to configure the list of countries that you ship to.

The rich detail in global eCommerce configuration of Magento makes it a top choice if you want to grow your business across all borders.


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online shopping animatedMagento is offering one of the best experiences for responsive design in eCommerce. We are all glued to our phones, and this has bled into online shopping. Whether customers are on their way to work or browsing their favorite beauty products on the weekend, they are probably going to be on their mobile phones while they do so.

As an eCommerce brand, you have to create an experience that is inviting and which encourages customers to purchase. Mobile shopping has many positives, but the biggest challenge is overcoming the feeling that “real” eCommerce shopping can only be done on a desktop or laptop.

One of the best mobile shopping experiences is found with Charlotte Tilbury, a makeup brand from the United Kingdom that is popular around the world. Named after the famed British artist of the same name, Charlotte Tilbury is built on Magento’s platform.

Magento mobile layout

As you can see from the screenshot above, the mobile website of the brand is sleek, smooth, and visually appealing. It is 100% focused on selling the product on offer, which is lip gloss, and it has a visible “Shop Now” button to keep customers laser-focused on making a purchase. This chiseled focus on purchasing instead of browsing is what takes Magento’s platform to the next level.

Mobile layout shop by category

The Charlotte Tilbury category distinction section, as you can see above, looks efficient on mobile. With different categories clearly defined for a mobile browsing experience, this makes it easier to decide what product is going to be purchased. Magento’s mobile-responsive design is focused on boosting sales without giving up the visual beauty you see on Charlotte Tilbury’s website.


magento ribbon divider 6

There are tons of buzzwords in eCommerce when it comes to customers. One phrase that doesn’t lose its importance is customer loyalty. We all need customers to stay loyal, but we also need to recruit new customers and encourage lurkers to become customers. That’s a lot of work to do, and Magento can help with some of it.

Customer loyalty is an important aspect of eCommerce, and you can help to capitalize on it with Magento. You can offer loyal customers exclusive private shopping experiences. You can also offer flash sales exclusive to different segments of your paying customer base.

customer loyalty magento graphic

Your eCommerce brand can offer reward points for registration and purchases, thanks to Magento’s detailed software. You can also enable the creation of gift registries for your customers. This is critical if you operate an eCommerce business for fashion, beauty, baby products, interior design, or clothing, as these are popular gift choices for weddings, birthdays, and newborns.

The platform also allows your eCommerce business to offer physical or virtual gift cards. These cards are an excellent way to encourage customer loyalty, and they can also inspire current customers to bring in new ones if they purchase gift cards for other people.


magento ribbon divider 7

With these 7 top reasons, Magento stands to be crowned the top platform for eCommerce with the variety of features that help B2C and B2B brands grow their businesses. Which reason inspires you to think about using Magento for your eCommerce brand?

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