Shopping campaigns and product listing ads have taken over the world of eCommerce PPC. We saw this coming, and, as pioneers of shopping management, we’ve blazed trails to the tune of major client success. We want to grow your bottom line. Here’s how we will, via shopping campaigns:

State-of-the-art software processes your product data into the appropriate feed format for multiple shopping engines, including Google & Bing.

Product attribute and data manipulation for maximized ad exposure and relevancy.

Daily submissions to shopping engines.

Integration of product and seller reviews for enhanced ad display.

Google Trusted Stores integration.

Mobile targeting and bid modification for maximum exposure and ROI.

Keyword injections for query parsing by Google and Bing.

Product disapproval reconciliation with shopping engines.

Ongoing campaign management and budget allocation.

Dynamic Re-targeting based on the finished feed we send to the Google Merchant Center.

Feed Management

Our feed management software seamlessly connects your product data to Google and Bing Shopping, as well as various other comparison shopping engines. We ensure the right products are being sent to shopping engines at all times, and are updated appropriately.

Feed Optimization

Optimizing feed data is essential in the new age of PPC management. We leverage inside knowledge from Google and state-of-the-art software to manipulate product data such as product titles, descriptions, and much more. For the extra advanced, we’ve even developed systems to expand feeds with phantom SKUs to increase product listing ad exposure.

Shopping Campaign Management

The feed is where it starts, but the shopping campaign is where we make it happen. Every account is different, but our goal is always to balance manageability and granularity. That often means managing bids down to the product level so we can boost sales for top performers, while reducing wasted spend on non-converters.

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