The PPC industry is complex and always changing. Our adaptive eCommerce PPC machine has optimized millions in ad spend, helping our clients exploit the chaos and dramatically improve ROI.

What We Do

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Google & Bing Ads PPC

We leverage pioneering strategies to keep our clients on the bleeding edge of paid search for eCommerce, delivering sustained advantage.

Account Structure

We keep PPC campaigns tightly organized by Ad Groups and keywords so we can easily align ad copy with keywords for landing pages. Our rigorous approach maximizes quality scores and user experience, resulting in lower cost-per-click and higher conversion rates.

Match Type Allocation

Type-A organization helps but is not enough in today’s highly competitive search advertising landscape. It is essential that the 4 match types of keywords are set up and managed properly. Our Alpha/Beta strategy of match type allocation means that we manage Exact, Phrase, and Modified Broad match keywords separately from Broad match keywords. This allows for “apples to apples” ad testing and clearer foresight into bid management cause and effect.

Tiered Keyword Strategy

All keywords are not created equally. Our tiered keyword strategy means budget is allocated to the most profitable keywords. That often means long-tail keywords are managed differently than head terms. Our account managers have become Jedi-like masters of blending the high sales volume of head terms with the high Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) of longtail keywords.

Negative Keywords & Shutting down wasted spend

Negative keyword implementation is often understated but highly impactful within PPC campaigns. Negative keywords function as a blocker to irrelevant search traffic and unnecessary click costs. Our account managers maintain a committed schedule of identification and implementation of negative keywords. This weeds out wasted spend and increases client profits.

Ad Testing

Ad Testing is often asked for by clients, but less often understood. From organizing PPC accounts according to best practices and our homegrown strategies, ad testing can be streamlined. We always keep multiple versions of ads running as we cultivate the top performers. This results in higher click-thru-rate (CTR), conversion rate and ROAS.

Expert Touch

Most Adwords and BingAds management is hackneyed. Agencies do the same for everybody, repeating canned processes robotically, their PPC team without a deep understanding of advertising platforms, brands or people, without vision for the real pitfalls and opportunities of Adwords and Bing campaigns. We manage advertising spend for real-world, highly profitable eCommerce businesses. We adopt best practices, but our strategy applies these to real markets, where our experienced teams make impactful, adaptive decisions to drive advantage. Every business, website, industry, and PPC account is different. Adaptative, data-driven intelligence drives success for Visiture’s clients — over the competition and with reduced risk of a catastrophic PPC event. If an agency tells you PPC isn’t rocket science, then you’re talking to the wrong agency.

The Human to Software Balance

Visiture prides itself on maintaining the delicate balance between human (manual) optimization and automated PPC management software. After managing millions of dollars in ad spend, we’ve determined that manual optimization is often superior to relying on automation, in most cases. So we’re human-touch heavy but know when to create efficiencies with software. Finding the harmony between the two is one of the biggest challenges to PPC management.  At Visiture, we have found that sweet spot, and our clients are reaping the benefits.

IDS – “Sync”

Our inventory-driven search (IDS) campaigns are an advanced spin on traditional search campaigns.  Designed specifically for eCommerce businesses, this strategy provides a robust addition to our paid search toolbox. Our “Sync” technology leverages your eCommerce website’s product feed to create product level search ads that automatically pause or activate based on real-time inventory. Ads dynamically show product price within ad copy, using daily updates to appropriately reflect any price changes.


Visiture provides all clients with easy-to-analyze monthly reports illustrating Month-over-Month and Year-over-Year trends for all key metrics.

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