According to a comScore report, online Christmas shopping is up 15% from last year–totaling over 35.3 billion dollars. Worthy of note is that Black Friday online sales were up 26% from last year and Cyber Monday sales were up 22%. I think it’s safe to say that Internet marketing is working, as more and more people are Googling brands and/or products, comparing prices and searching for deals.

With the ever-increasing popularity of social media branding, free mobile apps for deals, QR code usage, etc., it’s easy to see why consumers have turned to the Internet for much of their shopping needs.

If you missed out on this amazing surge in eCommerce, you need to assess where your advertising budget is going. Pay-per-click ads (paid ads in search engine search results) can be an amazing way to put your product in front of the consumer. There are tons of ways to increase your conversion rates and decrease cart abandonment. You just have to know who to turn to. The Visiture team is well-versed in preparing our eCommerce clients during the holidays and throughout the year. Let us help you make the most out of your eCommerce business and in 2012, you can be reaping the benefits of this tremendous increase in online sales.