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Our team at Visiture specializes in eCommerce SEO. With over 10 years of experience in eCommerce SEO across diverse industries, we understand where eCommerce platforms fall in the consumer decision journey. There are two prongs of our practice: visibility and user experience. Strengthening both of these areas brings more connections to the brand and makes each connection more meaningful, completely transforming the bottom line.

We take pride in our SEO services. If organic search traffic is not your primary sales generator yet, we should talk.

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Our Difference

Visiture maintains the long view. We don’t use quick-gimmick black hat SEO strategies, and our clients stay with us year after year.
We pride ourselves on creating an SEO system that is fully transparent. We’ll show you exactly what we are doing and how it is going to impact your bottom line.
Visiture has over 10 years of SEO experience across many industries and eCommerce platforms. We feel confident that our experience and expertise will translate into organic success for your business.
Our client success speaks for itself. We are continually increasing traffic, rankings, and conversions for our clients, making impactful contribution to ROI and profit growth.
Tailored Fit
We do not have any “SEO packages.” We take the time to consider what your business needs.

Our SEO Process

Below is our SEO Process from start to finish.
We start by meeting with you to discuss your industry, products, customers, competition, website and platform. We leave no stone unturned. Our goal is to understand your business, industry, and KPIs completely. Once we have a grasp on your business’ needs, we complete a comprehensive analysis of your industry, website, and competitors. This business analysis helps us better understand the full range of your SEO opportunities and risks.
After completing your SEO audit, we sit down and discuss our findings with your team. From there, we work with you, prioritizing the next steps to be sent to development. We work intimately with your developers to ensure that any changes that need to be made are done so in the most search-friendly way possible. Then, we create engaging, viral content to share within your industry and among thought leaders.
Optimizing your website with the best SEO practices creates a cascading effect, first increasing domain authority, then improving organic traffic, rankings and, finally, sales. We continue to analyze and monitor the success of your SEO campaign in tandem with creating new goals and initiatives to reach new, higher targets over time.

On Page Optimization

Below are the main items we look for while in our on-page optimization stage. We use data and smart SEO tools to optimize your website for best SEO practices.
Keyword Reseach

We identify and analyze the highest converting, most sought-after keywords.

Header Optimization

We create more effective header tags based on our research.

URL Optimization

We review your URLs for SEO and site structure.

Meta Optimization

We optimize your meta information.

Body Content Optimization

Google’s Panda updates have made more traditional SEO practices a deterrent for search. We make sure the body content is updated for today’s Google Algorithm.

Writing Errors

Google rewards high quality content. We make sure errors are not holding your site back.

Content Creation & Promotion

Content is king of organic search traffic. For our content creation and promotion, we research the best content in your market, create content that will perform better, and then promote it to the right people. Below are our detailed content and promotion strategies that we have found successful.


Reverse engineering can give your SEO campaign a quick boost in the beginning. We look at your competitors and identify their most powerful backlinks. Then, we recreate the best strategies — with new content on the most impactful URLs.


Our Power Page is a gigantic piece of content, extending well beyond the normal blog or editorial piece. No expense is spared. The content is well-researched and written to provide valuable information, information that customers are dying to know. Once the content is created, we design it and mark it up in HTML for a full WOW factor, finally pitching to industry thought leaders who love it so much, they link back to your site, giving you more traffic and higher domain authority.


We create fun, shareable content and share it with industry thought leaders and influencers, such as bloggers, journalists, magazines, etc. Think of this along the lines of public relations, but for an SEO benefit.


We leverage social media platforms in order to acquire shares, lines, and click-throughs that will boost your domain authority and trust with Google. Social media is not for every industry, but it can be a powerful tool to help boost SEO campaigns.

SEO Consulting For ECommerce

In addition to ongoing SEO work, we can also help with a variety of other SEO consulting opportunities. This can range from website migrations, to replatforming, website redesigns, and more.

Some Platforms We Work With

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