Unlike video extensions on PPC ads, this is an entirely new “standalone” platform.  You can try it out by typing in a new release and watching the trailer without leaving the search engine results page (SERP). They also have installed a lightbox player, but for some reason the search for Arthur didn’t yield the same as for Hop: from Inside AdWords crew How does a company pay for this click?  Well, it’s a flat rate (you don’t bid) because the targeting is taken away.  In other words, the Google algorithm determines when someone is probably searching for your movie (and thus, the trailer).  Watching the trailer doesn’t charge the company, but clicking on the full website does, just like viewing products in the product extension doesn’t charge, but clicking on a product and being redirected does. So what does this mean?  Well, right now, the media ad platform is relatively small and just being used for big movie companies to promote spring releases.  How could a video help you in the future?  It could certainly be a way to set yourself apart from the competition, especially as a B2B.  Either way, it’s definitely an exciting update.