The Google Analytics team has announced its new social metrics today and is rolling them out incrementally. All we can say is it’s about time! We’re excited that the great platform of Google Analytics is getting in on the measurement of social media as it is not only important to marketers to make our analysis as in-depth as possible, but it’s important to clients to see metrics on their ROI. That’s just what the team has commented on, as these were their goals listed:

-Identify the full value of traffic coming from social sites and measure how they lead to direct conversions or assist in future conversions

-Understand social activities happening both on and off of your site to help you optimize user engagement and increase social key performance indicators (KPIs)

-Make better, more efficient data-driven decisions in your social media marketing programs

We’re most impressed by the conversion metrics, since often they are the most important for the client to see:

via Search Engine Watch