Twitter Founder Biz Stone says that spending too much time on Twitter is “unhealthy.”

Obama moves forward with the Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights. These bills will inevitably affect how you market to people on the Internet, so it’s important to pay attention.

AdCenter revamped their location targeting settings this week to look like AdWords. Congrats to them for being onboard with an industry standard…?

Here are some awesome tips for writing SEO-friendly title tags from our friends at Search Engine Watch.

Facebook Premium Ads will be available on Leap Day.

Clay Johnson wrote a somewhat misleadingly-titled book called “Is SEO Killing America?” Search Engine Land reviewed said book and said he does not discuss this topic much inside. Thank God because we’re really sick of talking about it.

iPhone 5 Concepts are out. Even though they’re just conjecture and hearsay, I must say, I quite like the new curved design.

And as always, I’ll leave you with a little fun: here are some “honest ads” from Slacktory. Hilarious.