Fact: less than 10% of the web is mobile-ready today. In case you missed our brief summary about why mobile matters so much to you and your customers, here’s a small infographic to help you along.

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Did you just choke on your coffee? You should have! It’s time to get your site not just mobile-friendly, but mobile-awesome.┬áPeople are continuously searching and shopping from their phones.

Let me paint you this picture: Need a pair of blue ballet flats for this cocktail dress I just got but the store I’m in doesn’t have them. No worries. I’ll just do a quick Google search from my phone and click to their site. Oh no. This site doesn’t work on my phone. Guess someone else is getting that sale!

If you’re a restaurant or in the service industry, more often that not your business just needs a mobile page with locations, a menu or services provided and some contact information (also, reviews reviews reviews!).