Why You Should Get Started with App Indexing NOW

Although Google App Indexing was launched in October 2013, many businesses are still not taking advantage of the many benefits that this system has to offer.  App indexing allows users to search within mobile apps through Google search, and works on both iOS and Android.  With mobile app usage up 58 percent in 2015, and […]

Keyword concept word cloud background
Stacey Warren

How Much Do Keywords Matter for SEO in 2016?

  Way back when in the golden days of SEO, (insert me clearing my throat) the 1990’s to early 2000’s, you were probably told over and over by the experts that keywords were king! They might it crystal clear that the best way, and quite possible the only way, to increase your visits, sales, and […]

Seth Newton

Is Your Facebook ROI a Lie?

  For E-commerce advertisers ROI is the name of the digital marketing game. Paid search engines like Google and Bing provide robust conversion tracking and clear performance reporting on PPC campaigns. Thus, advertising ROI is readily ascertained. And if you’ve expanded into Facebook Advertising you’d like to think Facebook provides PPC advertisers the same level of […]

Ryan Tabassi

20 Reasons Your E-Commerce Isn’t on the First Page

  If you are like most small business owners, you have worked hard, and you want to go to the next level and sell items online. Having an E-commerce store is a great endeavor that can do great things for your business and your brand. However, managing one can be difficult and time-consuming, especially when […]

The word Content written on sticky colored paper
Caroline Moore

Content Strategies: The Key to Relevant and Effective Content

  Sure, you know that content is an important component of SEO and the general digital marketing industry as a whole, but do you understand how important it really is? Great content will encourage engagement from your readers, direct them to make a purchase and help build you and your company’s reputation as an industry […]

Sarah Wilson

Google AdWords Conversion Tracking Guide

AdWords conversion tracking is a powerful tool.  It allows you to identify which ad clicks eventually lead to conversions.  AdWords allows you to set up conversion types to track a wide variety of on-line success events.  Below is a general guide (somewhat high-level) covering the setup, implementation, and results of AdWords conversion tracking. Setup Step […]

Quality Score on Direction Sign - Green Arrow on a Grey Background.
Melissa Miles

Quality Score: Tracking the Mysterious Metric

As PPC advertisers, we’re well aware of what Quality Score means, but did you know you can track this mysterious metric in your account week after week, month after month? Did you know you can track it even down to the keyword level?   Before I dive into how to do so, let’s review Google’s […]

Alex Hoff

Where Have All of the Questions Gone?

In the old days of SEO, optimizers would reply to questions within Yahoo Answers and leave a link back to their site in their signature. Optimizers realized, back then, that users asking search engines questions was a large part of the internet experience. While half of the motivation in filling in answers was gaining “link […]

Ryan Tabassi

Website Usability – What It Is and How to Improve It

  Website usability is a term that gets thrown around a lot – especially in today’s SEO “expert” world (sarcastic air quotes). If you are a client or a newcomer to the Internet marketing game, adding yet another confusing term into the mix could make your head explode. Hopefully, this article will show you the […]

social meida
Brittany Currie

How To Build a Top-Notch Social Media Strategy

  A lot of people have the misconception that social media is not for them or their business – that social media is a place where teenagers rule, where Kim Kardashian posts her selfies, or where you can find people you went to high school with. And those things are true, but social media is […]



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