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Sarah Wilson

Google AdWords Website Call Tracking

  There are numerous options when it comes to choosing a PPC call tracking solution.  Third party providers offer all kinds of features, some of which are capable of importing tracked call data into Google AdWords or Google Analytics accounts.  Google AdWords provides its own PPC call tracking solution as well, where calls to the […]

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Melissa Miles

Device Targeting Features Across the GDN

    Hello there AdWords advertisers. Big changes are to come in the Adwords UI under the device targeting section of your campaign settings. As you probably know, Googlers announced during their last Adwords Livestream in May that tablet would become separate from computers, thus allowing us to manipulate bids at the tablet, computer & […]

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A Buyer’s Guide: Hiring a Search Marketing Agency

Hiring a search marketing agency can be tiring and dangerous – if you don’t know what you are doing. One wrong move could end up costing your company thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, in revenue. But don’t fret – we are here to help make your life easier. Here are our top 5 tips […]


The SEO eCommerce Website Migration Guide

Performing a website migration is daunting. One of the most unheralded tasks is making sure organic search rankings do not crumble from the move from one website to the next. Not having someone or a team helping you with this analysis is similar to doing an acquisition without an attorney producing and examining the acquisition […]

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Jill Fleischer

AdWords Dimensions Tab: Value at Our Fingertips

  If you manage several PPC accounts, or even one large account, it’s VERY easy to get bogged down with everyday tasks, optimizations, and meetings. PPC managers are BUSY! The Visiture team constantly wishes for more hours in the day because there is always something that can be done to improve or investigate an account. […]

Brittany Currie

Why Social Media Matters to Branding

  When I originally sat down to write this article, I had a working title of “Why Branding Matters to Social Media,” but after about 10 minutes I realized that title was completely wrong. It’s not branding that matters to social media – the important question is how social media matters to branding. Building your […]


Know Visiture’s SEO tools

With all of the SEO tools available, it can be extremely difficult for anyone in the industry to know which tools are best or which ones to use. Thankfully, we decided to put out a list of non-Google tools  we use, and then a list of tools we also recommend which overlap with the ones […]

Caroline Moore

SEO Secrets: 5 Powerful Tips for Crafting Headlines

  At one time, SEO was a singular act that mainly consisted of plugging keywords into a site. That was all it took to experience success and increased rankings. However, now, it’s best to think of SEO as a well-oiled machine that relies on many parts – not just one act – to create success. […]

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Jill Fleischer

PPC Success: What’s Important to Our Clients Is Important to Us!

  Here at Visiture, we manage a variety of different accounts in multiple industries and verticals. Every client is unique (like a snowflake), and we create our marketing goals and strategies based on what makes each business profitable and successful. When we partner with a client, the first order of business is to determine their […]

Sarah Wilson

Visiture’s PPC Onboarding Guide

  The onboarding process is an integral step in ensuring the success of a PPC engagement. At a high level, a successful engagement requires that the client’s goals are met through the implementation of effective PPC campaigns and strategies. Throughout the onboarding phase, Visiture utilizes the following procedures to complete a thorough process: Client introduction, […]



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