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Melissa Miles

Search Query Reports: The Obvious & The Not So Obvious

  Search query reports are pretty self-explanatory, right? On the Keywords tab, you click the Search Terms tab, and from there you have a list of search terms that triggered your ads. So easy … right? So what else is there to cover, really? Because negative keywords are absolutely paramount to PPC success, SQRs are, […]


Why Third Party Advertising Sites Are the Devil (& Mobile Site Ads)

If you haven’t heard already, which would be impossible at this point since we blanketed the entire market with it, Visiture released its Ultimate Guide to SEO for eCommerce in 2016. We used a lot of different tools to promote our guide. One in particular was Facebook Ads. Facebook ads are kind of a big […]


The Right Way to Look at SEO

Too many people look at SEO the wrong way. They think SEO companies and SEO experts are traffic generators and nothing more. However, what gets overlooked is playing defense with SEO and having a long range view about it. Organic Search Is a Distribution Channel that Needs Continual Optimization Think about this situation: What if […]

Seth Newton

How To Uncover Secret Adwords Sales Generators Via Attribution Modeling

Running PPC ads for an e-commerce business relies heavily on measuring performance results. For many e-commerce businesses, this means tracking conversions in Google Adwords, BingAds, Google Analytics and elsewhere. At the surface, this seems fairly straightforward. Adwords offers a great conversion tracking solution. A conversion means a sale, and whatever keyword/ad in your PPC account […]

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Jill Fleischer

Tips and Tricks for Bing Ads Management

  Oh, Bing, you constantly surprise us with your eccentricities, “mood swings,” and (rare) good days! Utilizing Bing Ads is both necessary and wise for most of our clients. While we find much more volume on the Google network, it would be foolish to avoid a search medium that has cheaper clicks and additional search […]

Seal of The President of The United States with the USA flag background
Alex Hoff

A Presidential Guide to Share-Worthy Content Creation

  Earlier this month a friend of mine Facebook messaged me a link to an article on entitled, “The American Presidents – Washington to Lincoln”. I opened the link early Saturday evening and by the time I was able to escape the grasp of the 7,000 word article, I was somewhat resentful that this […]

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Caroline Moore

A Beginner’s Guide to Blogging

  To sit down and write a blog can be scary business. You’re literally putting your ideas, opinions, and knowledge out there for the world to see. While you shouldn’t bet on the idea that seven billion people will read your blog, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strive for great content. Clear, compelling content, along […]

The history of SEO

The History of SEO

Since the dawn of history, people have recorded information in many forms. Ages ago, our primitive ancestors used cave walls to draw figures and express ideas. Advances in technology have taken us to storing and retrieving information from millions of web pages, all around the world. Now, information is literally at our fingertips! But, with […]

Woman completing SEO tasks herself

The DIY Guide to SEO for Shopify

You’ve found some great products to sell for a great profit, and you hired the best web designers to make your Shopify site look outstanding. Unfortunately, though these aspects are important, you will need more than your Mom visiting to keep your site profitable. For this, you need to step up your SEO efforts – […]

ecommerce business owner working

Practical E-Commerce for the Small Business Owner

As a small business owner starting to sell online, the prospect of setting up an online store may seem daunting and complicated. You may also wonder if you really stand a chance against major online retailers such as Amazon and big brands such as Wal-Mart. Despite the fierce competition, your business can definitely succeed. In […]



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