How to Value Your E-Commerce Business

Everyone who owns a business wonders, at some point, how much their business is worth, and e-commerce business owners are no different. Sometimes this is because they want to sell the business, but other times they just want to make sure the business they’ve invested so much in is worth what they are putting into […]

Janelica Jenkins

The Importance of Editorial Content

  Editorial content has been called many things throughout the SEO world. It has been affectionately referred to as guest posting, or guest blogging, and both names have been used interchangeably with editorial content. Regardless of what name is being used, it refers to the process of creating great content and then featuring it on […]

Brittany Currie

Don’t Over Think Your Social Media Strategy

  Let’s face one fact: We are a society dominated by social media. I know, that isn’t a popular sentiment. People don’t want to admit that they are glued to Facebook 24/7 or that they continuously check Instagram at work. But, whether we admit it or not isn’t the issue. Social media is huge part […]

business copy
Melissa Miles

What’s New in the PPC World

  The landscape and tools we’re using as PPC account managers are constantly changing. In recent weeks, we’ve received news of some big changes that will affect us both positively and negatively. By far one of the greatest updates in my opinion is the arrival of the Bing Ads Editor for Mac. Until now, Mac […]

Seth Newton

Big Time Attribution Changes in Adwords – Need to Know

Earlier this year we posted an article discussing attribution modeling and how to unlock ‘secret’ sales generators in Google Adwords. The article mainly discusses how to analyze attribution data to see which campaigns might be creating conversions that you weren’t aware of. Since that article was written, there have been major changes in Adwords (surprise […]

questions to rank

How to Use Question and Answers to Help Rank for Longer Words

When your eCommerce business is already in a competitive market, it can be difficult to nab a top spot in search engine rankings. In order to achieve greater visibility, some online store owners focus heavily on the use of long-tail keywords in the hopes of driving more targeted traffic to their site and increasing their […]

blog future
Alex Hoff

What is the Future of the Blog?

  Publishing content in the form of a blog is a primary strategy to increase a site’s rankings within Google. But many have come to question what the status of this essential component of SEO will be in the future.   According to globally recognized marketer and blogger Mark Schaefer, in order to understand what […]

Alex Hoff

What the Hammarabi Code Says about Writing the Perfect Blog for SEO

  For those of you that don’t know, the Hammarabi code is an ancient Babylonian code of laws written around 1754 BC. The 6th Babylonian king, Hammurabi of Mesopotamia enacted the code, which includes 242 laws. While the Hammarabi code said nothing about blogging for SEO but I am going to pick up where it […]

deep learning and the future of seo
Alex Hoff

Deep Learning and The Future Search Engine Optimization

An innovative and emerging technology in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) field is changing the way we look at machine learning.  The concept of “deep learning” has been around for decades, but recent advancements in this particular field of AI is starting to cause a stir in tech companies around the world.  Google, Microsoft, Baidu, and […]

Alex Hoff

How to Keep Your Readers Reading

  It can be a very tricky process trying to capture your reader’s attention these days. With all of the content floating around on the Internet, you have to be very methodical to get your target audience’s attention. But wait, that’s not all you have to do – you also have to keep them reading […]



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