Brittany Currie

Red Dress Boutique Appoints Visiture as Search Agency

  Charleston, SC — Red Dress Boutique, a leading women’s clothing online boutique, based in Athens, Ga, has partnered with Visiture, a premier search marketing agency, to manage the company’s search services. The company has selected Visiture as it’s agency of record for digital marketing.   While Red Dress Boutique started as a brick and […]

Brittany Currie

Register for Our Mobile Holiday Game Plan Webinar

  Visiture, AddShoppers, and Bronto are teaming up to present THE game plan to improve your sites mobile shopping experience this holiday season. Join us November 17th, 2016 at 2p.m. to learn how to make the most of your mobile sales in the upcoming holiday weeks. Speakers include Chad Ledford, Chief Strategy Officer at AddShoppers; […]

Janelica Jenkins

When You Should Expect Results from Link Building

  Although SEO is constantly changing, link building is still one of the most significant external signals for ranking in search engines. Thus, it makes sense that many SEOs make link building an integral part of their overall SEO strategy. However, the issue arises when clients inevitably ask, “So, how quickly can I expect to […]

Brittany Currie

Why Mobile Speed Matters to Your Marketing Efforts

  Can you remember a time when Google wasn’t the dominating search engine on the market? I can’t. Back in 1998 when Google was first launched, it had a few things going for it that made web users choose Google over other search engines, such as Yahoo – one of which was speed. We all […]


The Visiture Difference: SEO and PPC Model

  Visiture is different from other marketing agencies on both the SEO and PPC side. For over 10 years, Visiture has been at the forefront of search marketing for eCommerce businesses. From retailers to brand manufacturers, Visiture helps companies achieve higher organic search positions and optimize their AdWords and AdCenter accounts in order to achieve […]


Power Pages: The Future of Content Creation and Promotion

  If you are trying to execute search engine optimization and you are not using content creation and promotion, then you are behind and you need to step up ASAP. Content creation and promotion is easily the best way to gain high-quality organic links and social media signals. It really boils down to a simple […]


How to Value Your E-Commerce Business

Everyone who owns a business wonders, at some point, how much their business is worth, and e-commerce business owners are no different. Sometimes this is because they want to sell the business, but other times they just want to make sure the business they’ve invested so much in is worth what they are putting into […]

Janelica Jenkins

The Importance of Editorial Content

  Editorial content has been called many things throughout the SEO world. It has been affectionately referred to as guest posting, or guest blogging, and both names have been used interchangeably with editorial content. Regardless of what name is being used, it refers to the process of creating great content and then featuring it on […]

Brittany Currie

Don’t Over Think Your Social Media Strategy

  Let’s face one fact: We are a society dominated by social media. I know, that isn’t a popular sentiment. People don’t want to admit that they are glued to Facebook 24/7 or that they continuously check Instagram at work. But, whether we admit it or not isn’t the issue. Social media is huge part […]

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Melissa Miles

What’s New in the PPC World

  The landscape and tools we’re using as PPC account managers are constantly changing. In recent weeks, we’ve received news of some big changes that will affect us both positively and negatively. By far one of the greatest updates in my opinion is the arrival of the Bing Ads Editor for Mac. Until now, Mac […]



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