Seth Newton

Google Adwords Sneaky Quality Score Update

That’s right. Google recently shook up everyone’s Adwords accounts, and no one saw this coming. There was no last call, no email notification, no account alert, no published article with a clear explanation… just a brief paragraph posted on Google+. So this is not breaking news as it happened just over a month ago… But […]

Seth Newton

6 Steps to Product Images that Sell

Product listing Ads on Google Shopping and other comparison shopping engines are now one of the most powerful forms of advertising for e-commerce retailers. So why wouldn’t you allocate proper attention to the product image quality within these ads and on your website? Here’s a cool infographic from GoDataFeed explaining some key elements to possessing […]

Seth Newton

Top 10 Marketplaces for Retail Sales

Top 10 Marketplaces to Boost Retail Sales


Must Know SEO Strategies for eCommerce Sites: Are You Covering All the Right Bases?

A FANTASTIC WEBSITE AND A SOLID WEB PRESENCE IS MORE THAN JUST A GOOD IDEA. You can have the best services to offer and the most innovative, value-conscious products for sale. However, none of that will matter if people don’t know you’re out there and can’t find what they’re looking for once they land on […]


Make It Count: Getting the Most out of Your Website’s Content

When trying to run a business online, your website is everything.  It’s your virtual storefront and shop floor.  It’s the signs, the banners, the smiling faces and helpful employees.  Everything you would do in a real world setting in order to provide consumers with the best possible experience, you’re taking and translating to a virtual […]


Breaking It Down: The “What” and “How” of SEO

You can have an excellent product or service, provide excellent customer service, and offer accessible, efficient apps for purchasing what your website is offering, but if you’re not on top of your game regarding your marketing strategy, you’re never going to realize your full potential.  It’s a simple lesson, really: It does no good to […]


Social Media: A Surprising Tool for Commercial Success

Yep, that’s right, social media sites are no longer merely for posting selfies and talking about what you had for lunch.  From a business standpoint, it’s been fairly easy to dismiss social media platforms as nothing more than sources of entertainment and human connection; nothing for big businesses there … right?  Well, in the past […]


Keeping Pace: Advice for the New Ecommerce Entrepreneur

Running your own business can be one of the most rewarding endeavors in life.  People often feel trapped by their typical nine-to-five grind, where they clock in and out of some corporate-minded rabbit warren of an office space and never feel as if they’re truly connected.  Having your own business to be passionate about, where […]


Ecommerce Startup: Get It Right the First Time Around

It’s easy to assume that an online business is simpler, more hassle-free, and less expensive to manage than a physical store.  With a leased space in town, you’re looking at paying not only the lease but light bills, water bills, insurance, more taxes – the list really seems never ending.  Many of these things go […]


The Future of SEO

Our research has lead us to a few predictions about the future of SEO.  After all, it has already changed tremendously due to Google’s new algorithm and websites spamming their pages with superfluous keywords. Search Engine Optimization is a marketers best friend and worst enemy.  It is always evolving, becoming ever more important. If you […]



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