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Have you been wondering when someone was going to create an easier way to get market research? Well, Google thinks they’ve found the answer. Learn more about how Google intends to get market research for about $.10 a response with their new Consumer Surveys. Note: we’ve also read that highly targeted research could be about $.60 a pop:

What do you think? Will you use Google Consumer Surveys? It seems like a great alternative to watching all of those ads on YouTube.

We’ve seen some businesses making some interesting (read: dumb) calls this week on Twitter, so we thought we’d remind everyone what is appropriate for your business’s Twitter account.

1. Do not complain. About clients. About the weather. About anything. If people want to be brought down, they can watch Toddlers & Tiaras or Teen Mom.

2. Be informative but don’t blindly aggregate information. Don’t copy people’s blog posts (duh). Add your own opinion to the conversation. Share videos and links if you are using someone else’s information or announcement.

3. Stop writing Pinterest posts asking if people have heard of Pinterest. Everyone has heard of Pinterest. If they haven’t, they’re definitely not reading your blog post about the 5 things your business should be pinning.

4. Don’t link to another brand or business unless it is positive. Tweets like “Customer service at @businessname is terrible” aren’t a good idea. Save that stuff for your personal account. You don’t want your business to be associated with negativity. Constructive criticism is okay if you’re being genuine about it.

5. Retweet more. I swear there’s not a limit.

6. Don’t tweet week old news. That’s what blog posts are for.

7. Post more forms of content. We want to see more photos, videos and infographics from businesses! They’re not only fun but they break up the monotony of the text-only tweets people read all day.

8. Stay in dinner conversation mode. Don’t delve into politics, religion or sex… unless of course your business is directly involved in one of the three, in which case people should know what they’re getting into when they follow.

9. Did we mention no more complaining?

You can’t go to any site these days without seeing the Facebook comment platform. We have it on our blog because it lets people comment easily. There’s nothing worse than wanting to comment on a blog or site and having to setup a special account to do so. So, naturally, Google+ wants to get in on this game. They have announced that they will soon launch a comment platform for third party use.

Also, Google+ said they will be rolling out vanity URLs, a change that can’t come fast enough. If we have to see another one of these, we’ll scream:

Google Analytics announced their new social metrics this week. Very exciting for social media marketers!

Google AdWords also had an announcement of their own, one that involves the Display Network.

Coke introduces a machine that dispenses credits for Internet access in Rio.

Facebook app, Swaylo, lets you opt in to share information about yourself and your friends for marketers.

Microsoft AdCenter continues to roll out new features that seem a lot like AdWords.

And in the war of Coolest Workplaces, it seems that Google has beat out Facebook even though they pay less.

The Google Analytics team has announced its new social metrics¬†today and is rolling them out incrementally. All we can say is it’s about time! We’re excited that the great platform of Google Analytics is getting in on the measurement of social media as it is not only important to marketers to make our analysis as in-depth as possible, but it’s important to clients to see metrics on their ROI. That’s just what the team has commented on, as these were their goals listed:

-Identify the full value of traffic coming from social sites and measure how they lead to direct conversions or assist in future conversions

-Understand social activities happening both on and off of your site to help you optimize user engagement and increase social key performance indicators (KPIs)

-Make better, more efficient data-driven decisions in your social media marketing programs

We’re most impressed by the conversion metrics, since often they are the most important for the client to see:

via Search Engine Watch


Google has stopped punishing Google for its paid link controversy. All hail the Google Gods.

Here are some useful tips about maximizing lead quality using PPC campaigns from SEM Geek.

Remember when we told you that Google was forcing you to use Google+? Well now they’re upping the ante by featuring “recent posts” in the SERPs.

We loved these tips on creative ways to use Facebook Brand Timeline from Search Engine Watch!

This Beginners’ Guide to Mobile Responsive Design is really amazing. We know mobile is growing like crazy and we’re excited about the possibilities it means for marketing.

A recent study reveals that organic search is undervalued. No. Way. We never would’ve guessed that.

Inside Search infographic that reveals the three types of searches: “answer me,” “educate me,” “inspire me.”

Also, Pinterest got new profile pages.

Today, Pinterest has rolled out their new profile pages.. and boy are they snazzy. They also allow you to write a little blurb about yourself or your brand and add your location. The new design has been pretty well-received around the Interwebs from what we can tell. What’s not to like? A sleeker design and no fundamental changes that require us to learn new things (ahem, Facebook).

Here is our client Charleston Naturally‘s page:

What do you think? How do you think Pinterest should further optimize their profile pages for people and brands?

SXSW is a place where many start-ups begin. Many start-ups this year are banking on the fact that people are into “social discovery.” Apps like FourSquare capitalize on this by letting you locate new places around you using your current location… or getting updated where your friends are. While some think this is an innovative new space, others find it invasive.

Check out this article from WebProNews and let us know what you think.

Facebook's open graph propels idea of social discovery

So how ’bout it, America? In a culture where it’s perfectly normal to get a massage or teeth whitening treatment in the middle of the mall, how much is too much?