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Last week, Google Analytics announced the arrival of multi-channel funnels.  This tool will help you better optimize your campaigns by showing you where your customers have interacted with your brand up to a month (or sometimes longer) prior to converting.  They use the basketball metaphor and call the multiple channels that your customer uses “assists.”  These assists can be e-mail marketing, social media marketing, direct, organic, etc.  With Multi-Channel Funnels, you can see which is directly aiding your conversions and which are helping the others along.

It is truly a game-changer for analytics and will allow you or your marketing team to better optimize for conversions.  Check out the video and announcement here:

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We knew that Back-to-School shopping is big business.  But did you know that it’s $7 BILLION DOLLARS big?  Our jaws dropped when we read this report by the Wall Street Journal.  So now we’re going to take a minute to applaud Target’s back-to-school commercials, especially our favorite featuring a second grade teacher… so much glitter!

This should remind you about the importance of timing and placement.  If your product isn’t entirely seasonal, then you need to think of creative ways to keep your audience and customers engaged all year long.  It’s even easier with PPC ad campaigns in search engines because you can manage your message daily. Don’t have the time for that? Then check out Visiture’s PPC Management offering.

ESPN is now using microdata to enhance sports fans’ experience in Google.  Check out this awesome stat board built right into the organic search results:

Now when I search “MLB,” I can find out the standing of my favorite team.  I love the real-time updates.  Previously, Google had displayed sports results at the top of the page for a specific team and game.  For example, when the dish would go out due to inclement weather, I would refresh my iPhone every 30 seconds on the Google results pages for “Texas Longhorns football” (don’t hate; they will have a winning season this year).  But it seems that ESPN has taken this idea and done one better.  The easy navigation at the bottom of the listing in the SERP is also great for users to find a specific page on their site quickly.  This will really help in those hot wing bets at Buffalo Wild Wings during the postseason.

In addition to the small update of targeting Facebook ads by zip code, comes BIG NEWS.

You can now target your Facebook ads by topic.  This means that you don’t have to limit yourself to targeting only fans of specific fan pages.  Instead, you can choose a topic (denoted with a # hashtag) and your ad will show up on pages affiliated with that topic.  Here’s an example via Inside Facebook:

Precise interests are still available as well, if you think your ad will do better on a specific page.

This targeting update will definitely help your ads been seen by a broader audience while staying relevant to them.

In addition, you can also target by Broad Category. An example would be “coffee” or “caffeine” instead of “Starbucks.”  It’s important to note that you don’t have to decide on just one to target.  You can choose as many as you want.  However, PPC is also a testing process, so we suggest you try to build it out as much as possible.  Try targeting just coffee, or just Starbucks, or just caffeine in separate ad groups.  See which has the best performance and then play with different images and attention-grabbing ad text.

Oh, hello, new  Lookin’ good.

The new launched today after its contract with Amazon’s eCommerce platform expired.

“We believe that e-commerce became strategically too important for Target to outsource this business to Amazon, in particular given the increasing competition between the two companies,” says Colin Sebastian, a Baird analyst, in a research note today.

Easier to navigate, easier to shop and prettier.  Three cheers.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Sprint will join AT&T and Verizon and get the iPhone 5 (which is supposedly coming out in mid-October).  We’re disappointed that it won’t be next month, but glad that everyone can take part in this awesome technology.  Also, for all you frustrated AT&T users out there, the brand is saying that a new version of their mobile operating system will be available this fall as well.  Perhaps this will cut down on their bad rep and the number of dropped calls.

Also, a cheaper iPhone 4 (8GB) is supposed to become available in a few weeks.  So if you’ve been looking to switch and you don’t think you need 16-32GB, lucky you!

Facebook announced a whole mess of changes to the network today.  Among them being the ability to share with certain people (ahem, G+ Circles), ability to change who sees your post after it’s posted (ahem, G+) and review of posts, photo tags and mentions from non-friends before they are posted to your profile.  Facebook has a reputation for not caring about the privacy of its users (even though, to be fair, they still haven’t exposed you for your stalking behaviors) and it’s clear that they wanted to address that in light of the Google Plus phenomenon.  Also, just for fun, you can now tag locations instead of just checking in.

This screen helps you keep your 2am photos to yourself (though the last two options do seem a bit tattletale-y, don’t they?):

And this screen helps you share what you had for breakfast with only those that you want to:

This doesn’t necessarily affect brands and businesses as much as personal users, but it’s nice to know that Facebook is listening, learning (or perhaps just plain stealing good ideas) and restoring good faith in the brand.

Today, Twitter began rolling out their Recent Images window in the right hand screen of the profile page. We like it, and were expecting albums sooner rather than later. This makes it easier to find images than going to an entirely different site and combing through the images list there.

This enhances the importance of photo sharing on Twitter, especially it being displayed in such a prominent location.  And by the looks of it, we really need to step up our image sharing game (our feed is oh-so-boring). Enjoy, fellow tweeters.

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Today’s ads come from the “This is Sportscenter” ad campaigns. New or old, they never get unfunny.  An entire show’s–nay, network’s–ability to laugh at itself and the industry in which it covers = awesome. These two are devoted to the MVAs (Most Valuable Americans) of the Men’s and Women’s World Cup.