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Google AdWords Classroom is hosting a live webinar classroom tomorrow, April 20th, to teach you how to improve your online conversions. It will take place from 3-4pm GMT+1, which means it’s will take place at 10am EST en la mañana (that’s in the morning for my Spanish-impaired readers).

Among other things, the AdWords crew will discuss “common areas for you to examine in order to improve website performance. [They’ll] also identify some free tools that can help you diagnose what causes visitors to leave your site and test changes that will drive better results.”

Sign up for the webinar and start making your ads convert better for an increased ROAS.

In a word: important.  Quality scores ultimately determine how your keyword is performing in comparison to your competitors.  Keyword quality scores also indicate that your relevancy: your relevancy with the actual keyword, the landing page’s relevance to the keyword and the user’s experience once they get to the landing page.  Are your landing pages providing all necessary information?  Do they abide by Google’s landing page policies?  Are they converting well?  Although none of this directly affects your ranking or your cost per click, it can help you refine your keywords until they are better than your competitors’.

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Content is king; everyone knows that.  Is your landing page giving lots of information about that search query?  If not, check out our post on how to build better landing pages.  Enlist our help if you have less-than-stellar quality scores.  There are tons of things you can do to improve them, including expanding and then refining your keywords, the bidding system, testing different landing pages conversion rates, geotargeting, etc.

It used to be that if you are in violation of a landing page policy, your keyword would have a quality score of 1/10 and it would say that it was rarely shown and a message about your poor landing page quality.  Now the AdWords team has developed a message indicating “site suspended” for each keyword affected by the landing page policy violation.  This means that a quality score will not be calculated and you will then know that you are in violation of a policy, rather than just assuming your landing page has poor quality.

Google also reminds us that if it’s a serious offense, they still have the right to suspend the account.

Some broad keywords can be beneficial to bid on because they’re important for branding… if you’re Nike.

If you’re not, we always suggest going with the long tail approach, which we have tested and found that time and time again, it really works well.  Small-to-medium-sized businesses really need to focus on the specific keywords that people will search for when they are serious about finding an apartment, or a new dentist, or a piece of fine lingerie.  Here is the graph that we show our clients to help them understand why we think this is so important:

These keywords will convert well (you’re not searching for “dark red Nike men’s running shoes size 10″ if you’re not looking to buy). They will significantly reduce your cost per click.  This means a better ROAS, and thus, a happier you!

My Blog Guest, and similar sites, allow you to find guest bloggers for your site, and to be found to guest blog.  You begin by putting in your areas of expertise (where you might be most useful) and the Blog Guest Mailer will send you an e-mail with people’s interests.  There are guest blogging opportunities for everything from interior design, to how to save money, to how to assemble a bi-plane.  Okay, so that last one might not be true, but there is really a blog out there for every interest.

It’s also a great way to add interest to your blog.  You guest blogger will most likely link to your blog and page because he/she is proud.  That’s just plain smart.  If you can develop an authoritative voice, more and more people will want you to write on their blogs.  As long as they are relevant to your business, this is just like free, wonderful PR.  Check out My Blog Guest and tell us how you like it!

Recently, Google and Bing have made moves to integrate social aspects into organic results.  With the onset of Google’s +1, however, we are also looking into a new era where social relationships are integrated into paid search.  What does this mean?  Essentially, it boils down to the fact that Google has to figure out how to monetize people’s relationships.  Studies show that over 70% of consumers buy a product or from a brand because it has been positively endorsed by one of their family members or friends.  This “social weight” sits heavy with advertisers, as reputation and word-of-mouth becomes more of an integral part of the Internet.

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Since it is so easy to write a bad review, put up a website (like a or tweet to mass audiences about a brand, it is easier than ever for these aspects of social to negatively affect business.  Networks like Google are trying (with +1, like, digg, share buttons, recommendations, sponsored stories, etc.) to make sure it is just as easy to share the good news about a brand.  And we are definitely onboard with that!  We have been seeing this since local and paid search integrated the ratings system extensions on listings and PPC ads.  They feature gold stars so users can tell immediately which businesses are the best reviewed.  In the example below, even though Lucky Oriental Asian Market doesn’t take top billing, I’m probably more likely to go there because of their sterling reviews (from more people):

google local search results

In order to explore more in-depth how social will affect paid search, you can check out this post on Search Engine Watch.  It goes into further detail what Google and other networks are looking for in terms of relationships and opportunities to affect brands and businesses.


We read the SEOmoz blog religiously and we found this particular article to be especially amazing.  Rand Fishkin tackles the subject of White Hat SEO (SEO that utilizes proven best practices with a focus on transparency), referred to as “a joke” by one Kris Roadruck.  Fishkin makes so many good points that it’s a disservice to simply highlight.  Instead, we’re just going to send you there: White Hat SEO: It F’ing Works.  We agree with so many things that Rand wrote and sadly, we see many people that fall prey to companies that indulge in Black Hat tricks in order to improve rankings.

Visiture’s SEO program is completely transparent and incorporates the client’s goals and expectations to achieve the best possible outcomes for the business’s bottom line.  We pride ourselves in being able to learn your business and outperforming for you.  Take a look at our SEO Flow and contact us to ask any questions about our process and pricing.

There’s nothing better than watching live streams on the Internet.  How else would we have witnessed the awkward confessions of Charlie Sheen? Watched the Masters at work? Attended the birth of bald eagles?  YouTube has finally gone live, and it will

integrate live streaming capabilities and discovery tools directly into the YouTube platform for the first time. This begins with a new YouTube Live browse page (, where you can always find the most compelling live events happening on YouTube and add events to your calendar. Subscribe to your favorite YouTube live-streaming partners to be notified of upcoming live streams on your customized homepage.

Beginning today, a number of YouTube partners will be able to begin streaming live.

Contemplate how much this could change things.  Finally, Google has created a social networking idea that is fool-proof.  With over a billion views a day, it’s obvious that people wanted to take the next step in streaming YouTube videos and witnessing everything from pop star wannabes, to singing dogs, to dancing babies.

Is SEO Dead? 1

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In a word, no.  I ran across this post by Simon Heseltine at Search Engine Watch and found it particularly great.  There has been a sketchy perception of SEO for awhile now, and with the JCPenney debacle, the perception has only worsened.  I feel that SEO is a wonderful service, and it is certainly an integral part of our business.  So I urge you to give it a chance; don’t let the bad apples spoil the bushel, if you will.

We can help combat black-hatters by promoting our white hat SEO tools and tricks better.  Visiture prides itself in its transparency, and SEO is no exception.  We like to keep our clients in the know at all times, consulting with them about where to spend their budget, how to improve traffic and rankings, and how to optimize every page for the user.  Check out more information about what has set back SEO by Heseltine in the article linked above.