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Do you know you need to be on social media but don’t know where to start? This is how our Atlanta Social Media Agency helps. We get your business more sales through social media with our expertise and knowledge of the different platforms.

Which Platforms Should I Use

This is where our expertise as a Social Media Firm comes in handy. You might be asking yourself with the wealth of platforms out there where should I start and which ones should I use. The best answer is to look at your customers. Who are they and where do they go. If you are targeting businesses then go grab a LinkedIn and Twitter account. If you want more consumers then Facebook and Twitter is a good starting place. If you are demographically segmented with women being a target market then Pinterest will be your platform of choice. Need more search results and you need social media to help your SEO? Then Google+ will be your choice. It all depends on your customers and we use social media to find then and attract them to you.

How Does Social Media Get Me More Sales?

Social media does more than customer acquisition. It’s great for retention and repeat purchases. You can turn that once every six months customer into a once a month customer. Imagine you’re a restaurant and your target market gets to see pictures of your lunch special every morning around 11am when hunger starts setting in. They would be making an emergency business lunch at your restaurant. Social Media Marketing builds three avenues for more sales: customer acquisition, customer retention, and repeat purchases.

When Can I Expect A Positive ROI?

Thanks to businesses needing to turn a profit. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn incorporated targeted advertisement programs so our clients see results much faster through social media. With targeted ads our clients start seeing results in a month. Before targeted ads we would see results from one to four months. It all depends on your market, commitment, and platforms.

How Will You Know What To Talk About?

We do not work at your office so we cannot capture that photo of your Christmas party, know it’s your intern’s birthday, or capture that photo of your team at a local charity bowling event. When you use our Social Media firm services you get our expertise and more time. Instead of having an internal employee solely dedicated or distracted we handle the management of it. It doesn’t mean you can’t email us the pictures and what you want included on your platforms from that Christmas party. We encourage you to include as much relevant content from your company as possible. Social media is a company wide commitment. We incorporate anything you want within an hour time span and are able to be reached by phone or email. We also monitor the feeds for your brand and make this a customer support line for you and your company.

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