The Challenge

In October of 2014, Visiture began PPC management for an emerging clothing retailer,,  who are on Shopify Plus. Naturally, November and December are the most profitable months of the year; so quick action was required on our part to create coverage for their 200+ brands. As a result, the 2014 shopping season was very successful. With Visiture PPC management, Country Club Prep experienced a 127.3% year over year increase in overall online sales revenue for the holiday season from 2013 (pre-Visiture) to 2014.

A year later, Visiture had more time to prepare for the holidays and optimize search and shopping campaigns to fully leverage the exponential volume of the season. The following case study outlines year over year growth for the holiday shopping seasons from 2014 to 2015.

The overall goals in order of priority were to:

  1. Increase online sales
  2. Capitalize on search volume during the holidays
  3. Produce profitable return on advertising spend

With these goals in mind, Visiture employed PPC best practices, in-house strategies, and Shopping feed optimizations to not only create a profitable 2014 holiday season, but also garner a 75% increase in PPC sales year over year (YOY) from 2014 to 2015 for Country Club Prep.

Visiture Strategy & Execution:

To increase online sales and exposure, the Visiture team capitalized on Google’s Shopping medium, ensured complete brand and product coverage, and strategically utilized multiple promotions during November and December of 2015.

Google Shopping Optimization

Country Club Prep transitioned their website to a new platform prior to the 2015 holiday season. Site changes greatly affect products in a shopping feed, and if your PPC team isn’t well versed in website transitions there can be catastrophic consequences. The Visiture team worked to proactively create as seamless a transition as possible. More optimizations of feed data were required to adhere to Google’s requirements and position Country Club Prep for maximum success. The following tactics helped produce a 167% increase in sales YOY in the Shopping Campaign.

Product Categorization: Over 10,000 products were manually categorized using Google shopping’s product taxonomy. Because Google product categories were not established within the product data on the back-end of the client’s site, the Visiture team submitted appropriate categorization to the client’s web development team. Appropriate categorization is paramount to a successful Shopping campaign as Google uses this data to match search queries with relevant products.

Attribute Updates: For apparel items, Google requires the following attributes for each product in a feed: Color, Size, Gender, and Age Group. The majority of the products in the Country Club Prep feed did not have all attributes represented, and the team was required to manually input these attributes for each product via our feed management software. If this optimization were not implemented, the products would not have been approved to advertise on Google Shopping.

Campaign Structure: The Visiture team segmented the Shopping campaign by brand and product ID. This allowed the most granular level of optimization, as well as, the most visibility into product performance.

YOY Shopping Stats

  • Ad Clicks 2015/2014: +179.29%
  • Conversions 2015/2014: +167.51%
  • PPC Revenue 2015/2014: +167.50%
  • ROAS 2015: $6.18

Maximize Brand and Product Coverage

Increased holiday search volume yields increased competition in AdWords, so it was vital to have keyword coverage for not only brand keywords, but brand + category keywords. Country Club Prep has over 200 brands available on their site. Aggressive (but conscious) bidding across all devices was put into place so that Country Club Prep ads maintained strong positions throughout the key months of November and December. The team was able to double both spend and sales YOY while maintaining strong ROAS.

YOY Stats for Brand and Brand + Category Campaigns

  • Ad Clicks 2015/2014: +85.89%
  • Conversions 2015/2014: +114.72%
  • PPC Revenue 2015/2014: +78.48%
  • ROAS 2015: $4.80

Performance Results:


The 2014 holiday season was certainly a successful revenue generator for Country Club Prep, but by leveraging more data to optimize the shopping feed, increase keyword coverage, manage bids, and utilize promotions, the Visiture team was able to generate approximately 75% more PPC revenue in 2015 while staying well above ROAS goals. This translated into a 53.6% increase in overall sales online YOY for Country Club Prep.

  • Ad Clicks 2015/2014: +98.83%
  • Ad Spend 2015/2014: +92.93%
  • Conversions 2015/2014: +110.25%
  • PPC Revenue 2015/2014: +74.94%
  • ROAS 2015/2014: $6.30 (-9.38%)*
Ad Clicks 2015/2014 98.83%%
Ad Spend 2015/2014 92.93%%
Conversions 2015/2014 110.25%%
PPC Revenue 2015/2014 74.94%%


Visiture achieved a ROAS well above the client’s profitability threshold in 2014, so our team worked to find the sweet spot between maximizing sales revenue and maintaining a profitable ROAS, therefore maximizing profitability. This meant that sales increased dramatically while ROAS decreased slightly YOY, but remained well above the client’s goal.



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